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I lived briefly in the Boston area when I was much younger and while I was there I met some swingers on an online group. I had several emails back and forth with one couple who then invited me to a party at a hotel downtown. I was pretty inexperienced at that type of thing, but they gave me some pointers. They were an older couple and I wasn't really that attracted to her, and I wasn't sure if it meant that I went with them I was supposed to have sex with her or not...or pretty much how any of it worked. They actually picked me up and I rode with them to the party. The event was held in a ballroom at a hotel and the first couple of hours were just people mingling, dancing, etc. There really wasn't any type of sexual activity.

After the meet and greet part, everyone was told that we had an entire floor of the hotel blocked off for us and everyone should retire upstairs. All of the rooms had been taken by people at the party. Some were designated hospitality suites and others were "couples only" rooms and others were just shut the entire time I was there. I met some really cool people and had several drinks in one of the hospitality suites and I ran into my host couple. We had a couple more drinks and I explained to them that I was kind of confused as to how to get involved with anything going on. I'd seen people having sex in some of the open rooms but wasn't sure how to approach anything like that. The wife took me by the hand and led me down the hall to one of the rooms. There was no one in the room and she undressed me. She stored the clothes in the closet and told me to remember where they were. I was starting to get confused because she wasn't making any sexual advances towards me after she'd undressed me. She then took me by the hand again and led me into yet another room.

The room was pretty full with guys standing around ******* off and it wasn't until we pushed up closer that I saw why. A cute, young, brunette was on the bed and one guy was ******* her, another was in her mouth and she was stroking a third. The wife that had dragged me into the room then slipped behind me and was stroking my **** as we watched. But I needed no fluffing. I'd never seen anything like this ever...and my **** was rock solid. The girl was covered in *** and while I was watching, one of the guys that had been standing around ******* off, stepped up close to her and shot *** everywhere. More of it landed on the bed than on the girl, but it was just crazy! Not long after that the guy she was sucking started shooting all over her face. As soon as he was done she turned her face towards the guy she'd been stroking and started sucking him instead. The girl behind me tried to push me forward as if telling me to get on the bed and have her stroke me, but I was still in shock over what was going on. I just stood there and some other guy climbed up on the bed and put her hand on his ****. The guys that had just *** shuffled out of the room and the girl behind me pushed me further into the room so that we were now closer to the bed and sort of behind the guy that was ******* her.

A few minutes later he pulled out without any kind of fanfare and when he pulled away, I could see his *** dripping out of her *****. He'd been ******* her bareback. I looked around and realized that none of the guys had condoms. Most of the girls I'd ****** prior to then, with the exception of two long term relationships, had been with condoms. As I was watching his *** drip out of her another guy jumped in and took her place. The host wife behind me asked me if I was going to get in or just stand there and watch. I was actually really enjoying soaking in this entire scene, and the fact that she was still reaching around me stroking my **** made it even better. But now I was determined. I had to **** that girl. It didn't take long before I got that chance. The guy ******* her pulled out and shot *** all over her stomach and up to her ****. Then pulled away.

Even though I had ever intention of getting on the bed, I had no choice, the girl behind me pushed me and I nearly fell into the **** on the bed. I pulled up between her legs and paused for a second. I was half-thinking that she was going to say no for some reason or another, but she didn't pay any attention to me at all, she was busy working on a **** in her mouth. So, I slid my **** into her! I glanced around and noticed that the host-wife that had led me into the room was now walking back out. She'd done her good deed! I looked back at the girl I was ******* and admired her. She had a great little body that was completely coated in ***. I had a grip on her hips as I ****** her and both of my hands were in ***...and I didn't care. I didn't even know this girl's name and my **** was buried in her ***** bareback! It was a slice of heaven! I'd watched the first guy ******* her fill her ***** and then the second guy pull out. So I wasn't really sure what her policy was on that, but as soon as I felt the ****** building, I knew I was going to shoot it deep inside her! I timed it perfectly with the guy she was sucking because he pulled out of her mouth and was stroking his **** and dribbling *** all over her face as I started shooting spasm after spasm in her *****. I wanted to just sit there and stare at this slutty Godess, but some guy tapped me on the shoulder, indicating he wanted a turn.

I stood up and watched for a while as the guys took turns at her. Then headed back down the hall to find my host couple and tell them I was in lust. The only other highlight of the night was the host-wife giving me a ******* in a bathroom. But, in the parking garage on the way out that night I ran into the girl that had been taking on all the guys. She'd showered and was dressed but I still recognized her and said Hi. We spoke briefly and I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said no. I then asked her if she wanted to get a drink sometime. She told me she doubted I could handle being in a relationship with her. I asked her why. She then point blank asked me how I'd feel knowing she was out ******* other guys. At the time I was very young and when she broached it like that, I did have to think about it for a second. I said that I thought I'd be OK with it as long as I got to go and watch and participate. She smiled and said that's what she thought. To be nice she asked me for my number, but, as you can imagine, she never called. Oh, to find her now... :)
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Yes, the first visit to a complete swing club event can be very eye opening. I remember going there for a meet and greet and taking a very hot couple home with us. It was great and I was hooked.

too bad, sounds like she would have been great fun to have a LTR with

Immediately. :)