There Is Something Endearing

About a woman that likes men and sex.  What really gets to me is when I can see a pattern in a woman's sexual choices that I can identify with and respect-but she still has enough drive to sleep around.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Yes, definitely yes!

Wow! Jeff, you got a winner there!

I am 57, my girl friend is a 50 year old **** who lives about 100 miles from me. Because of the distance, we only get to see each other every other week or so. That is much too long for her to go without sex, and both of us are turned on by.... messing around. I love calling her up and getting her really turned on with hot phone sex, to the point she can't stand it anymore. She will then hang up and call one of her several local regulars to come over to take care of her needs. He will come over and she will suck and **** him hard to get relief. Later she will call me and give me all the details, telling me what a **** she was and how bad she needed it. Often she will *** again while she is telling me about the meeting. All of this turns us both on, and keeps our relationship burning hot.