I Love Them Because

i am small and skinny. i'm 5'2 and 90 pounds. but i look great!

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Your picture is not displaying butyour profile picture is gorgeous. 5'2" and 90 sound SO SO SEXY. Expecially with your smile.

GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing. I wished it was scratch and sniff.

WOW! You are smoking hot!

would love you even more if you weighed 60 lbs

The thing is, you will continue to look good way longer than the larger ones.

You do look great. Greater than great! Thanks for sharing the photo

wow! you do look great!

absolutely gorgeous!!! love to see you up close and personal!

just lovely.....any more pics?

you are a very sexy lady thanks for sharing

lol suppresseddom

Dear God!<br />
You really should put a warning on that, the sudden rush of blood away from my brain almost made me pass out!

It won't display .. :(

it's one of my favorites

Thank you


Damn girl!....u are fine as hell