Lots a Fun

small skinny girls are just so fun, love sex with them. there so easy to handle and when you can just scoop them up and walk around while ******* them, well that's awesome. love for a girl like this to be riding me cow-girl while I'm lay-ed back sitting on the couch, then i just stand right up with them and grab a hold and **** my **** with there tight little body as i hold there small little *** in my mouth.  and anal sex with this type of girl,,, wow the way there small body squeezes your throbbing **** is just amazing............. 

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I was married to a woman that weighed 90 pounds and was one year older than me for twelve years. Sex with her was amazing and she easily took all eight inches of my **** and wanted it hard and fast. She gave me two beautiful daughters that are now ages 23, and 24. Yet after each pregnancy she snapped right back to her original weight and flat stomach. She ruined me for chubby girls. I can't even get it up for a chubber. But when I'm with a skinny woman whoa! My **** stays hard and won't go down all night no matter how many times I ***.
I so wish the world was mostly skinny women instead of fat ones. But obesity in women is the norm in the US. They'd rather eat than have sex and then they wonder why they can't get or keep a boyfriend. Wtf?

i've never been blessed with such an experience. I am truly envious.