I Love Small Breasts!

I really do love small breasts. They are so pretty on a girl. And the girls with small breasts that I have dated, loved having them caressed and kissed. It seems that small beasts are so much more sensitive then larger ones. I've dated a few girls that would ****** when I sucked their nipples. And I love to *** on a woman's small breasts . . . and then lick them clean. I think that is so erotic!
batpeace1 batpeace1
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

i would have to agree. Smaller and flatter are the best.

My wife also has ******* when you suck on her tiny **** with her big sensitive nipples. And like you I love shooting my hot *** on them

My G/F of 5 years has small breasts....They are perky and so sensitive! I would never go for implants!!! Something about women with great bodies that get breasts change and have a hard look after..it's almost like their personality revolves around the boobs!