Between Toes

My wife Donna has a new way to humiliate my little ****. She will sit on the couch and make me lower my panties and kneel before her. She then tells me to get the small stool and place it at her feet then orders me to place her feet on the stool. She then orders me to stick my little **** between her toes and start humping slowly. She is usually alone with me when she does this but I have had to do it in front of her lover Rob a couple of times. The most humiliating day was my last day off from work I was made to wear my pink sheer baby doll nightie with the G-string panties that match. She had two friends, Terri and Amber there visiting and she made me get the stool and I begged her not to make me do that in front of them. Donna said I was going to receive a spamming if I did not do as I was told. I lowered my panties and placed the stool at her feet and did as I was told. Terri and Amber were laughing so hard that it did not take me long before I dribbled my little load on my wife's foot. Donna then told me to lick her foot clean. When I was finished Donna ordered me to remain panty less and to get the paddle. I asked her why I was getting a spanking upon my return with the paddle. She told me I had embarrassed her in front of her friends by begging. I then bent over the couch like I know I am to do and Donna gave me ten swats on my bare ***. The girls thought that was hilarious. I was told to go in the kitchen and remove my nightie and put on my pink frilly apron and fix lunch for her and her friends. The end.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Holly s... , I can't even imagine my wife doing that. Thanks for sharing it.

cute story - love the way you were embarrassed in front of her friends!