Little Dicks Are Wonderful!!!!

I have written comments of some of the men on EP with smaller penises. I love them!!! I find the most pleasure having sex is with a smaller penis. I love grinding my **** on a small ****. Any woman that like to have her **** played with or sucked should really try grinding a small **** on the ****. So my dear men that have small members I am one woman that admits to loving small *****!!! And if I am one that loves them I am sure there are others out there that do as well!!!! I love a man for who he is not what he has in his pants or in his wallet! If your a good person that has your **** together you are perfect the way you are!!! Have a wonderful night my EP friends!!!
Pohang Pohang 31-35, F 72 Responses Feb 3, 2011

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I have a very small penis and would like to try to show it on skype if any woman is interested? My username is bilover26

you are so cool

thank all of you women who have a positive attitude about men who are small to average, i personally am a good lover ,pleasing a woman doesn't always mean vaginal penetration i can use my 5" very well and i love to do oral on women and if they have pretty feet within reason they are in for a real treat.

Hi, I really would like to meet you

Hi, may we meet?

im about 5 or 5 and a half inches cut , let me know if you wanna see on skype :)

Wonderful insight!

I think that is a wonderful statement you have written. Thsnk you so much.

Btw, i am older and have a small one...may we be friends?

WOW! This is wonderful! Bless you, bless you, bless you for sharing this. Until now, I didn't know you existed. Always felt inadequate, inferior, pathetic with that little worm between my legs. But now, just knowing you are out there, a small **** loving woman, has restored my faith in humanity, and in small **** loving women. Thank you SO MUCH!

Well said!

Mine is about 3.5 inches long. Would you like that?

I would love a small ****. ..any one in RI

I\'m in ma on ri border

I'm about 5.5 inches hard and curve down and to the left. Women seem to love mine. Also completely shaved and I'm a nudist. Would love to get friends here on EP who like smaller penises seeing how I love them too. I am bi so I love ***** too.

T hank's was a great tribute. I'm three inch's soft, four hard. My **** curves upwards. and women love it. I can hit there g-spot almost every time.

kik me for small **** 4 inches hard ;) joe814

i would love to show u mine ;)

I would love to show you my tiny 4 incher.

I would enjoy seeing it



Hun, I am 82 years old and still wake up in the morning with my semi-erect 5" **** peeking out of my shorts. The problem is that, even though I don't look and act my age there aren't any women, at least none that I know, that want to sit on mine and grind her clitoris on an older guy like me. :-)

I would love to sit n older thirties n looking for small...oh love it on my clot...

I thought my 6" member was small after reading al the demands for 9" or more on craigs personals, or everyone on EP with 10"-12" members.

Yeah, pretty sure your 6" is actually bigger than 95% of the guys making those claims. :P

6 is average and plenty enough for most women!

Hmmm gives me hope of finding someone. Thanks.

get with me if you like them limp and small

I'm small ....anyone in L.A.?

Thank you for saying so. I'm not sure why I'm so self-conscious. I've actually had a girlfriend who would squirt on my **** (I'm only 4.5 inches) but for some reason I think I just got lucky finding her, and that I won't be able to find another woman who likes my little ****.

actually you where lucky, not for having found a girld who likes it small, my ex always complained it hurt when i put it in, but it was rare that she got horny so she couldn't take anything to big from being out of practice, she was the type that only got horny once every 3-4 months. we ended up having to stay at her best friends house there for awhile. after a month her best friend started walking around the house in the nude when it was either just her, me and her, her and my ex or all 3 of us together. my hormones started to get me like a dog in heat(it was dry season lol) my ex noticed that i was unconsciously humping her in my sleep after about a week of this, she got irritated and told me what i was doing(when im out im out, also if you try waking me up by throwing something at me, i throw it back unknowingly or throw whats close to me) then got up striped like she was gonna **** me(my cloths where off in the blink of an eye), then dragged me into her friends room(i found out later her friends ************ & my humping her woke her up )and said "why don't you two just **** already and she put my hand into her ***** while pushing me towards her friend. at this point my brain was going "danger danger, bill robinson danger" and my **** was going "go for the gold" but before a compromise between the 2 could take place the tongue & hand took action(right as we had gotten to the bed) and my ex went wild. next thing i knew i was having a 3-some with 2 girls. that was the first time any of us had been in a 3-some & the first time either of the girls had ever had sex with another girl. my ex's libido started to speed up after that & eventually 3-somes became a bi-daily thing to the point i had to use objects to get them off for my own health & they took in things that made me look inferior, but that never bothered their opinion of my ****, in fact i could never bring either of them to a multiple ****** without good foreplay. me and my ex ended up breaking up due to the fact that the longer we remained lovers the more we ended up fighting with each other over stupid things. we ended up noticing that neither of us had this problem with the other person in the house that we both had sex with(not always 3-some btw) so we decided to be friends with benefits rather then lovers. right now the 2 girls are single and not interested in a serious relationship, and im now dating my high school crush and her girlfriend after walking into them as they where kissing cause i wasn't paying attention and was deep in thought. some how i now have 2 girlfriends, and 2 sex buddy's. its gotten to the point that im feeling like a zombie... also not all women squirt. out of the 4 of the girls im doing(way to much) only 1 of them squirts

And all men like large boobs, right???? WRONG
We are all individuals and have our own preferences.
BTW, I have recently tried oral on other men and have found that small to average sized penises are the most tasty and fun.

I'm about to be 20 and I'm a virgin because I'm ashamed of my tiny ****

I'm not huge by any means I'd say average to below average. I have only had one person who wasn't satisfied with size. One thing you have to remember is that there are tons of ways to please a woman. Just pay attention to a woman's needs and remember sex isn't all about you don't be selfish sex involves two people.

I also love smaller anyone in RI?


I am in RI and would be perfect!

You just changed my life...thank you