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Little Dicks Are Wonderful!!!!

I have written comments of some of the men on EP with smaller penises. I love them!!! I find the most pleasure having sex is with a smaller penis. I love grinding my **** on a small ****. Any woman that like to have her **** played with or sucked should really try grinding a small **** on the ****. So my dear men that have small members I am one woman that admits to loving small *****!!! And if I am one that loves them I am sure there are others out there that do as well!!!! I love a man for who he is not what he has in his pants or in his wallet! If your a good person that has your **** together you are perfect the way you are!!! Have a wonderful night my EP friends!!!
Pohang Pohang 31-35, F 77 Responses Feb 3, 2011

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I am a black male with a smaller penis and am trying to come out of my shell. If any women are interested please message me I'd love to chat.

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Small penises are so nice . I love to suck small *****.

You are absolutely correct. Some of those long ones can hurt on the forward thrust. I am one of those ladies who is all about ****, so a long **** means nothing to me

but doesn't a larger one work better if you are on cam? LOL

so happy to read that!!!

Thank you. you are great!

I thought I was the onlyone that loved small ones

You say you love grinding your **** on a small ****. What size would you consider the best to give you the most pleasure?

Can u kik me please I have a really small **** and wanna talk about it it's always_horny79 and to anyone that sees the comment only girls to kik me please

I have a very small penis and would like to try to show it on skype if any woman is interested? My username is bilover26

you are so cool

thank all of you women who have a positive attitude about men who are small to average, i personally am a good lover ,pleasing a woman doesn't always mean vaginal penetration i can use my 5" very well and i love to do oral on women and if they have pretty feet within reason they are in for a real treat.

Hi, I really would like to meet you

Hi, may we meet?

im about 5 or 5 and a half inches cut , let me know if you wanna see on skype :)

I think that is a wonderful statement you have written. Thsnk you so much.

Btw, i am older and have a small one...may we be friends?

WOW! This is wonderful! Bless you, bless you, bless you for sharing this. Until now, I didn't know you existed. Always felt inadequate, inferior, pathetic with that little worm between my legs. But now, just knowing you are out there, a small **** loving woman, has restored my faith in humanity, and in small **** loving women. Thank you SO MUCH!

Well said!

Mine is about 3.5 inches long. Would you like that?

I would love a small ****. ..any one in RI

I\'m in ma on ri border

I'm about 5.5 inches hard and curve down and to the left. Women seem to love mine. Also completely shaved and I'm a nudist. Would love to get friends here on EP who like smaller penises seeing how I love them too. I am bi so I love ***** too.

T hank's was a great tribute. I'm three inch's soft, four hard. My **** curves upwards. and women love it. I can hit there g-spot almost every time.

kik me for small **** 4 inches hard ;) joe814

i would love to show u mine ;)

I would love to show you my tiny 4 incher.

I would enjoy seeing it


Hun, I am 82 years old and still wake up in the morning with my semi-erect 5" **** peeking out of my shorts. The problem is that, even though I don't look and act my age there aren't any women, at least none that I know, that want to sit on mine and grind her clitoris on an older guy like me. :-)

I would love to sit n older thirties n looking for small...oh love it on my clot...

I'm 24 and I'd sit on urs

I thought my 6" member was small after reading al the demands for 9" or more on craigs personals, or everyone on EP with 10"-12" members.

Yeah, pretty sure your 6" is actually bigger than 95% of the guys making those claims. :P

6 is average and plenty enough for most women!

Hmmm gives me hope of finding someone. Thanks.

get with me if you like them limp and small