I Actually Do Love This Show

When it started I thought it was neat, then my life started going completely crazy and I wasn't able to follow it for several seasons. By the time I got back to it I found 8 seasons had been made and there were at least 2 more to be made. I got the whole series and watched it over a couple months and I love the whole thing. Especially then people like Bart, Arthur and Oliver are around. I totally loved last year's episode "Absolute Justice" and the season before that when the Legion of Super-Heros showed up! I just hope when this show ends the producers give serious consideration to a Justice League spin-off, because this show doesn't deserve to end, and there's still so so sooooo many stories to tell, new or from the comics. So much to do, it can't end so soon! Still, I can't wait to see how it does end!

I've been a Superman fan since I was a kid, and though he's been second-strong when it comes to collecting comics (with the exception of Superboy who is certianly first-string these days) I loved him a lot when I was a little kid and I've kept up with his exploits on and off all my life. In my opinion this series has definatly lived up to the name Superman
AngelaDark AngelaDark
31-35, F
Jan 27, 2011