Favorite Smallville Episode - Memoria

I've watched every single episode of Smallville ever created. I've loved every single one.

All of the characters have impacted me in some way. Lex, with his scarred and traumatic childhood. Lionel, with his ******* yet somewhat fatherly demeanor. Clark, with his heroism and oath to never kill. Etc.

The episodes have too. The period when I watched the show, which was in about a month, I had random dreams where I was watching the show on TV. So it's like, I was watching Smallville in my dreams and when I was awake.

However one episode has really impacted me, and that is Season 3 Episode 19 - Memoria.

For those of us who needs a refreshing, thats the one where we learn about Lex's past, and Lara's name.

That episode is so beautifully crafted. Lex's memories, Lionel's coldness, and the music, god the music was amazing.

I loved three parts in that episode (I loved every part but these were the ones I really loved), and that was Lex's 12th birthday, Lex and Lionel's encounter, and when Clark tells his mom about Lara.

Lex's 12th birthday was sad, seeing him alone. All those foods, gifts, yet nobody to enjoy them with. I think that moment was when Lionel was a great dad, where he told Lex about the Box of St. George. "Place all your fears, and all your doubts, inside this box." Amazing.

Lex and Lionel's encounter, where Lex tells Lionel who killed Julian was masterful. The emotions between the two men, how after all these years, they both know their rift can never mend. "If I'd.... If I'd know.... Things cou... would have been so different between us." "Yes dad, you might have actually loved me" <--- Imagine saying that to your own father. Wow.

And the third about, where Clark tells Martha about Lara. Although it wasn't as powerful was Lex's, I liked the part because Clark learned how his parents weren't monsters, and that they loved him. It was just great, especially at the end where Martha said "A mother's love never dies." 

I don't know. Thats my favorite episode. Lol
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