Sad :(

I finished watching the series and I'm sad that this journey is over with Smallville. I have watched so many tv series but nothing has ever been so close to my heart than smallville. Stargate series were the best for me and I knew that I would never find anything like stargate again. And I didn't. But Smallville has a different place in my heart. *Tears*

I want to write so much about it but I really cant find words. I wish I could give a tribute in my own words but I'm failing miserably.

The stories, the characters everything made a place in my heart forever :( Byeeeeeeee Smallville!

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1 Response Apr 2, 2012

I also love the show. Right now on TNT, it's wrapping up to the final 3 shows, then it may start over again. I Started watching it at season 2, but missed some here and there. Who's your favorite character?

Kara Kent of course. Laura Vandervoot (i think that how its spelled) was sexy and did a kick *** job with the character.