Her Intellect And Success Are A Turn On

My wife is a very succesful lawyer who just made partner today! I love to see the hidden shark in her come out when she takes down her unsuspected opponent. I can't tell you how hard my penis is when she continues to get anything she sets her mind to. I just want to bath her and rub her feet and make sure a meal is on the table when she get home tonight. I love to lie with her and and hold her sweet sexy frame. This morning I woke up to her playing with my penis and making me hard. I never knew it felt good to get my nipple sucked! No one has ever done that before and it shot down into my penis. She went down on me a long time this morning over and over again like she was feeding off of me. The alarm clock rang and my girl was forced to leave out without a release, nipples hard and running late. I hope to make her scream a long time today. She is so smart and when we are at one of their dinner parties, she is the one who comes up with the response that gets positive attention. I intend to give her positive attention tonight. 
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I want to suck you

Careful... this subject isn't under Mature Topics - a 13 y/o has posted here.

Yes, I was born in Jan. 1944. This photo of this mixed couple is lifted off of a African adult site, I must admit, but it seemed to express my feelings at the moment of posting it. As you can see from my profile photos, I'm into younger women, but that's ok. I don't have my real photo up except for one half look at my blue eyes, yes...hahaha. I am young at heart and that's why I love younger women, to whom I want to be faithful like you are with your wife. And this photo of you two is exquisit.

Is your avatar actually you as a couple? I'm into this biracial relationship AND SMART WOMAN, GOOD MAN-WHO-ADORES-HIS-WIFE stuff too. Please tell me that you're manogomous, too...not that it's my business, but I just want to belive that there are some couples here on EP who are. And expecially an inter-racial couple, too.

I am absolutely monogamous and crazy about her. I can't help it.

Thanks for your reply. Don't say "I can't help it"...there's nothing to help!!! proud of it, as I'm sure you are. I think that many black women who are in an interracial relatioinship with a good white man go crazy with love because there's something wonderful, both physically and mentally and spiritually and emotionally--all wrapped up into one package--about a really committed rel between a good black woman and a good white man. I know that this sounds like it's bordering on a racist comment, but I know it's not and I think you (both) know what I'm talking about. I have a South African friend -- non sexual-- and we talk about this all the time.And I've had other African American women who I've loved, again non-sexually for one reason or another, and this also comes up, as it also does no lots of interracial websites. So thanks for your rapid reply. Look forward to more chatts. Is this your photo of the two of you?

Love this. She sounds amazing and speaking as a man who loves his wife... I hope you guys continue to rock. She made partner...damn!

Thanks, that's my girl.