It is not intelligence I seek,
brains are all over the place
and they are cold.

It is not intuition I'm looking for.
That too is to be found everywhere
and it has a touch of arrogance.

Nothing of this knocks me off my feet.
But a woman may deeply impress me
with a mind that is
sensitive and brilliant,
open and discreet,

with thoughts that circumvent power games
and resemble her legs
with eyes and lips that show a heart 
uninhabited by malice, tricks
or childish manipulation. 

I like it when the beauty is there
in all its forms like a reminiscence
of paradise or of a mysterious woman
that is a rare flower again 
also when she opens.

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56-60, M
19 Responses Jan 28, 2010

I just realized that I deleted my original story and wrote a new one here. Am I clumsy?

I think you are right, CT. It takes an idiot to be afraid of a smart woman, generally.

it is one of the principal reasons why is so hard to leave this site, dear mizzen

I am privieged to know many smart women, and as you say, there are lots of them on EP:)

I curtsy

...Like me!

So it is, PP, and it is a daily delight for me. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I think I did, Taken, but she got into hiding

I think I should ask you to become friends, SeriouslyS...

I try not to waste them, indeed, Taken! It pleases me you noticed that.

I see...

Why thank you again, More..........forever complimenting Sylph. *hugs*

you're so smart, Sylphie!

Too funny.......

I'll take my time, as usual...

No, don't.......just teasing you. Is this your priority like *right* now? .......*Sylph is laughing again*

i should rewrite that story asap, dearest Sylph

"... used to say these women don't exist...".......... Who said that?!!!<br />

Such a nice thing to say!