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It is not intelligence I seek,
brains are all over the place
and they are cold.

It is not intuition I'm looking for.
That too is to be found everywhere
and it has a touch of arrogance.

Nothing of this knocks me off my feet.
But a woman may deeply impress me
with a mind that is
sensitive and brilliant,
open and discreet,

with thoughts that circumvent power games
and resemble her legs
with eyes and lips that show a heart 
uninhabited by malice, tricks
or childish manipulation. 

I like it when the beauty is there
in all its forms like a reminiscence
of paradise or of a mysterious woman
that is a rare flower again 
also when she opens.

moreandless moreandless 56-60, M 21 Responses Jan 28, 2010

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I just realized that I deleted my original story and wrote a new one here. Am I clumsy?

I think you are right, CT. It takes an idiot to be afraid of a smart woman, generally.

Stop thinking about leaving... you are stuck here with me and I burned our visas x

it is one of the principal reasons why is so hard to leave this site, dear mizzen

I am privieged to know many smart women, and as you say, there are lots of them on EP:)

I curtsy

You are fanned. Please excuse the bitterness and anger and eccentricity my own people caused me once you "beam aboard" my circle...

...Like me!

So it is, PP, and it is a daily delight for me. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I think I did, Taken, but she got into hiding

I think I should ask you to become friends, SeriouslyS...

I try not to waste them, indeed, Taken! It pleases me you noticed that.

I see...

Why thank you again, More..........forever complimenting Sylph. *hugs*

you're so smart, Sylphie!

Too funny.......

I'll take my time, as usual...

No, don't.......just teasing you. Is this your priority like *right* now? .......*Sylph is laughing again*

i should rewrite that story asap, dearest Sylph

"... used to say these women don't exist...".......... Who said that?!!!<br />

Such a nice thing to say!