Something to Talk About

and it's not just what what you say, but how you tease it. Yes, we all love to be teased, if the reward is worth the banter... intellectual stimulation is the foreplay to foreplay. There's nothing more satisfying than holding a woman's attention with your own quick wit, sharp seance of humor, and high class perversion, with class and dignity. Connecting on the same level with someone and riding a tangent of thought to stimulate yourself and her at the same time, teasing the moment for the next, and anticipating the one to follow before your finished with the one you're on. It's like kissing in the rain, all your senses heightened and tingling with delight. Not wanting the conversation to end. When you think you've said the most daring, bold, original and sly thing almost reflexively... and she tops you with her answer... wow
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41-45, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2007

Oh my!

You have a way with words.

I love that you have just described one of my most favourite feelings!!!