Sniffing My Panties

I get so hot when I take off my panties and bring them to my nose. My aroma is a real turn on to me. It makes me **********! And I *** so hard and fast! I have always enjoyed sniffing panties and I know exactly why my husband and other men enjoy sniffing panties. I wonder how many of my boyfriends growing up sniffed my panties or my sisters panties or my moms panties. I would have liked to have caught them and told them that I also enjoy sniffing panties. Growing up I sniffed all my friends panties, there sisters panties, and there moms panties. I have left a pair of my panties in our bathroom when my husbands friends are over and I have even heard them sniffing and jacking off with them and have heard them grunt when they blew there load, what an amazing turn on it is to hear someone getting off with your panties. I've even found one of my husbands buddy's *** on the crotch of the panties that I left! Mmmmm, I had to taste it too, nothing like cleaning a pair of panties with your tongue. Check out our profile for more about us.
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6 Responses Jan 2, 2012

is just turn on reading MMnnnnnnnnnmmmmm about your pantys is there any way i can get on one in my hand please ...... love it where is touching you crotch .... hot,,,,mmmmmmMMmmmmm

this couple also loves smelling dirty panties and cloths we have a pair of pants and shirts we will put on every weekend that is filthy we love the feeling of them on our bodys and smelling each other its a great turn on!

i would you like to clean your's with my tonge would you!!!

please i want to try can you show me how to contact you to get some please!!!!

I think it is wonderful that you love sniffing your own panties and finding it a real turn on inhaling your own intoxicating scent permeating through the fabric of your panties. How deliciously stimulating.<br />
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I must confess albeit unashamadly, that i enjoyed sniffing my sisters panties when i was growing up. When the fetish of pantie sniffing was awakened within me my sisters panties became an irresistible temptation. The convenient accessibility of her panties worn or fresh afforded me with a breathtaking opportunity to expieriment and practice sniffing her panties. She predominantly wore pretty nylon panties with full bottom cover and i relished fetishing her panties with insatiable desire. <br />
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I always inspected the crotch of her panties and savoured licking the crotch. Her scent became the perfect aphrodisiac.<br />
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I am pleased that when growing up you sniffed all your friends panties, there sisters panties, and there moms panties. Similarly i also sniffed the panties of all of my girlfriends. <br />
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I love sniffing silky nylon panties.

It is very important to me to sniff panties, I need to be caught doing it

my x girlfriend used to occasionally,"catch me"w/her pantys wrapped around my head,and the stained crotch panel pressed tite under my nostrils!late @ nite she d walk in an extra room of ours,and see me in all my fetish splendor!dressed to the nines waving a huge erection!she always acted shocked,but then would stare at my **** as I rapidly brought myself flying off squirting *** all over the room while she just froze and watched in disbelief I shuddered with a multi orgasmic,prolonged,eruption!she d make some snide comments about how I wanted to be a girl,or look you are dressed like a girl,the more negative her comments the faster id ***!