Dirty Panties

As you can read in my other stories I am a dirty girl. I don't always wipe my bum and I wear my panties sometimes for a week at a time. I am hard on a pair of panties. At the end of the week when I sit on the toilet with the same panties around my ankles and I can smell them I get so wet! Sometimes I take them off and wear them around my nose so I can keep sniffing how dirty I have been.
SarahSmokin SarahSmokin
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You are the perfect women, the dream. ..

That is so hot. *** smells are delightful. And dirty panties are always amazing. I never pass up the chance to dig through a hamper to try and sniff some panties. But sniffing and tasting from the source is always much better.

Yes Sissykarencd your right I just love digging and sniffing and love the smell of stale urine in a hot pair of panties!

It doesn't get better than that!

I love to ********** with a smelly pair of dirty panties on my face.
The smell of unwashed ***** and a mix of pee drives me wild

Would love to be able to smell them and your body.

I enjoy your stories! Me too don't wipe the bottom after the necessities! The feeling is wonderful!

You don’t always? If you love your smell, certainly would be NEVER wipe the bottom after the necessities!

I don't get off on my own underwear, but my wife's are a different story. I frequently grab a dirty pair of hers from the laundry and wear them all day, making sure I take a good sniff before putting them on.

Sarah, you are my dream girl....I would love it if my wife would not change her panties for a week. I smell her dirty panties daily, but since she changes them every day it is very seldom that they smell but OMG when the do I get as hard as a rock and ***** naked and ********** so hard while sniffing her dirty smelly panties and if they are creamy I lick up all the cream and it tastes just like I am licking her *****. Any there is nothing better than a smelly hairy *****, every once it a while my wife's hairy ***** smells and I get so hot but she must know as she never lets me lick her down there when it smells so good, but I **** her so hard when smelling her strong scent....

Thanks for sharing..

I'd love a pair where you wore for a week never wiping I bet I'd *** so hard

my girl will sell hers after a week worn or longer

Thats great. I wish I knew girls like you. I love the pungent smell after 3 days or so

Ya, I love the strong pungent odor. The more they smell, the better it is. I love it when I can get a pair still warm and wet, like when girls come home right after work or working out.

my women loves he own smell and is willing to sell them to good boys and girls

yes my women loves he own smell and will sell them to good boys and girls that need them

It's wonderful, more girls shoud be dirty and smelly as you! You rock, girl!

we should be roommates!

mmm thats ppretty hot

can some how i test them to please , love to would you let me get one!! please......


and smell it and eat it like i'm eating you ***** would you give me one !!!

yes i would love to smell yours please

Sarah We are into the as well we keep them on for weeks at a time I love the way my undies will smell after many days and weeks of sweet and drops of pee and a poop hear and there!!! WOW so dam good! She is into this as well but she likes to go bear back and take a pair of tight jeans and filth them up real good! We have pictures we could share some time of us..

Sounds good. I have a growing collection from girls of all ages. Some were just given to me for the asking and some are from girls I have been with. Certainly not one of the worst fetishes to have.

If interested, please visit my website yourdailymass.com You might like the personable side of it, especially if you like freshly well worn panties.

Photos of crusty panties?

Photos of crusty panties?

nothing better then to smell my own dirty stinky undies and my wifes as well of course!!

Sarah, you're my kind of girl. ;-)

I think the sent of a womans ***** is delisious and knowing she has a well soaked pair of panties on, is such a turn on. I am interested in experiencing your hot horny juicy smell and see some pics. We could trade ;)

If interested, please visit my website yourdailymass.com You might like the personable side of it, especially if you like freshly well worn panties.