Mature Girlfriend's Dirty Panties

When I was in my late 20's I met a much older lady (48) and we used to go away to her country cottage on weekends to make love. When we were alone she enjoyed getting me aroused by stripping to bra and panties as soon as we arrived at the cottage,

She used to leave her bra and panties on a chair when we went to bed and often forgot about them for the remainder of the weekend. When she went to the local shop or hairdresser I used to retrieve the panties, put the gusset over my nose and lie on the bed enjoying the pungent smell of her undercarriage.

I used to feel rather guilty but then justified this to myself with the fact that her aroused vagina was indeed my territory and I was entitled to enjoy the smell of it. What do fellow users think?

pantiecrotch pantiecrotch
Sep 23, 2012