Love Smiles!

Love giving them. Love receiving them.

i smile a lot. Maybe it's cause even when things are quite right with me i'm still happy that i have and can do what i do.

i smile at folks i pass all the time. For the most part they smile back and that's a great feeling.

Most men don't smile, unless they are smiled at. Women seem to smile pretty much all the time. Gender difference maybe.

For the most part i guess my smiles are subtle and not over board.

More than


Sometimes the're an attempt to be bashful on my part   like when seeing a handsome man.


And sometimes they catch me off guard most likely again concerning men.


Smiling makes me feel good, like hugs. You know.

Definitely, smiles are good ... for all of us.

Josie06 Josie06
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9 Responses Feb 9, 2009


No, no maniac. Just friendly.<br><br />
<br><br />
Maniacs do strange things like tickle people without asking first!


look into my eyes! you are becoming relaxed and feeling the need to smile at everybody!<br />
(((SMILES))) (((HUGS))) (((SMILES))) (((HUGS)))

boardeline must be a hypnotizing kind a girl!

(((SMILES))) (((HUGS))) <br />
Just imagine if everyone smiled at someone everyday!<br />
(((HUGS))) (((SMILES)))<br />
This would be a beautiful world!<br />
(((SMILES))) (((HUGS)))<br />
Smiles are contagious!<br />
((( HUGS))) (((SMILES)))

Yes mewold they do. i like seeing them, even when they're not directed at me. Sometimes folks are just so, so ... stoic. hehe

Smiles make the world so much more fun.

It's true. And a lot of the last one lately.<br />
<br />
Some look and wonder ... others, mostly ladies, just smile too.