Wow Ether

That is an interesting group picture you added here


is that from your personal stash of Bert pics?

dasmuggler dasmuggler
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I love this movie, too, now!!

You can have my roommate. It's a satan spawn cat. He's fun. Ugh.

that would be strange us switching roommates<br />
<br />
though your roommate might be praying for the relief of not having to bar his room and constantly have himself checked for rape

If Dasmuggler wants to move into my apartment with my roommate, he's welcome to it. Perhaps he would get along better with my roommate than I do. I'm not sure if I would want to live with Dasmuggler's roommate, though. He's a nice guy, but Dasmuggler tell me stories...

That humming is just a cover up for what he's really doing....planning his overthrow of the apartment. He's stealing your ether. And I think he stole your pillow cases, too.

I would say that hearing you shout out Burt now makes much more sense

I had a friend who purchased a rabbit and she was very pleased with it. She confided to me that that was the first ****** she had ever experienced. And, NO, it was NOT dasmuggler! Although, I have heard unsettling stories about the curious humming sound emanating from his room in the late hours of the night.

MissBebe, don't let them harass you about that rabbit. My favorite bullet runs on 2 AAs.

wow the wine over floweth

Oh my you should see the pic ether just put on his group I don't like to talk about me <br />
<br />
now that is disturbing

Burt isn't in my closet, but his nude pic is on your PC.<br />
<br />
P.S. What kind of rabbit is that, Moo?

MissBebe! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

This might be the most publicity Burt has gotten in years.

but we shouldn't judge EtherBunny<br />
<br />
he might be sensitive about his love of Burt

Friends don't let friends lust over new pics of Burt either

Friends don't let friends lust over old pics of Burt.

so you won't

Sir you have to be apart of a group in order to load a photo<br />
<br />
please just get it over with and admit you love Burt<br />
<br />
no one will think less of you

Run, Bebe, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't look back. GO!!!!!!!!

The sad truth is that pic was uploaded by dasmuggler. And I guarantee you he already had it in his 40G pron folder.<br />
<br />
P.S. I like drunk women.

Poor Burt.

poor moo all that wine and no bert since the ether bunny has him tied up in his closet

oh smoky and the bandit is one of the funniest ever!

I thought so.

MissBebe, you shouldn't try to walk any where. Or handle any large machinery. Once you start finding a naked Burt Reynolds hot, you've had too much.

I'm wondering what kind of dreams Ether will have?

That photo is going to give me nightmares.