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I used to be one of the biggest anti-smoking activist the one would want to meet. Then during my undergrad years I tried a cigar and I liked it. Then during the stress that I was going through last week I decided to try cigarettes and I throughly enjoy it. I generally only smoke 4 cigs a day, but I throughly love the relaxation I feel when I light one up.

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Hope you have some tips! Behave! Thats terrible. Anyway, I started smoking when i was 11 or 12 and i'm 58 now and ive had no problems with my lungs or chest. I know im lucky but it shows you can beat the odds.

If your like me you will be addicted in no time and never give them up. Developing a bad cough and no endurance. It's great smoking all the time. Good luck...


Same here! Just started last week. Same deal: undergrad cigar, stress cigarette. Makes me really ******* high though... for a short time. Great mixed with driving!

why did you start smoking

Wow, after a week time you smoke 4 a day? Which brand you smoke?<br />
I want to start as well, hope you have some tips =)