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Just Started

I used to be one of the biggest anti-smoking activist the one would want to meet. Then during my undergrad years I tried a cigar and I liked it. Then during the stress that I was going through last week I decided to try cigarettes and I throughly enjoy it. I generally only smoke 4 cigs a day, but I throughly love the relaxation I feel when I light one up.

dsears dsears 22-25, M 7 Responses Jun 13, 2010

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Welcome to our world. You will find that as smoking becomes more part of your daily routine you will be even more relaxed.

Hope you have some tips! Behave! Thats terrible. Anyway, I started smoking when i was 11 or 12 and i'm 58 now and ive had no problems with my lungs or chest. I know im lucky but it shows you can beat the odds.

Great of you to pick up smoking, wish every anti-smoking activist would at least give it a try like you.
Some people just love to smoke and it is too bad others always have to share their opinion about us damaging our health with us. Keep up the good work, hope you will be a proud addict for the rest of your life. Welcome to the club.

If your like me you will be addicted in no time and never give them up. Developing a bad cough and no endurance. It's great smoking all the time. Good luck...


Same here! Just started last week. Same deal: undergrad cigar, stress cigarette. Makes me really ******* high though... for a short time. Great mixed with driving!

why did you start smoking

Wow, after a week time you smoke 4 a day? Which brand you smoke?<br />
I want to start as well, hope you have some tips =)