They Will Rip The Packet Out Of My Cold Dead Hand .

I will smoke till I die ( probably of lung cancer ) , I enjoy ever smoke I have . I smoke too much I know that , why can't I kill myself slowly .I love love smoking always have always will . I'm a very good addict .
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70+, F
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Hope you keep enjoying. I'm in your age group, and I still do.

Care to light up and chat? Let's start making some clouds. LOL!

I loved it too. cancer changes ur mind

There is nothing more enjoyable in life than lighting a lady's cigarette, then lighting mine, and filling a room with clouds. Hope you are having a great day!

Keep the love!

My wife smokes, about a packet a day,thats about 20, I dont smoke, but have to say, that sometimes a woman smoking is very erotic.

It's always the sexies that mistreat their bodies. That makes me a sad panda.


I enjoy it still so it's all good


The addiction is the best part. It really satisfies the need for the "guilty pleasure." Keep on smoking, I love it too.

I love smoking too. I smoke to 1,5 to 2 ppd and don't regret it. Antismoking people can die on my smokey cloud, LOL

Agreed as a exhale a thick stream of smoke

There's no such thing as smoking too much =P

Agreed :)

Interestingly enough, you probably won't get lung cancer. Not that emphysema or whatever is much nicer, but at least it'll take awhile. More interesting, around 10-15% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers, meaning that more non-smokers die of lung cancer than people die of AIDS. I wouldn't hold my breath (just had to throw in that pun) for a ribbon campaign for that, however. <br />
<br />
Here in the states, the latest "make them quit" scheme is to put ugly pictures on packets of cigarettes. Like that'll make contrarian teenagers stay away...

Yes we've had the pictures for about 4 years now , don't even notice them now .

Yeah I know , those plain packages are an ugly waste of time . Bought on the other day and it made no difference .
Our government makes way too much off us smokers to ever ban it .