Pregnant Smokers

I love pregnant smokers. Once i had arelationship to a pregnant chain smoker. She had already a 12 years old daughter. The daughter was allowed to smoke by her mother, even in public. So we three, my pregnant girlfriend, her 12 years old daughter and me went through the sreets of our hometown chainsmoking. It was a great feeling
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What is wrong with you people? Don't you know that smoking during pregnancy increases chance of health problems, such as asthma. Smoke all you want, but don't hurt your baby.. some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids smh...

interestingly childhood asthma rates are higher now than they were back in the day when many pregnant women smoked and smoked around their kids after giving birth.

Where can i get pics and video of pregnant women smoking? Anyone got some they can share?

go to motherless dot com and search pregnant smoking then scroll and click videos

Pregnant woman are so pretty to start with. Having them smoke is even better. I followed this petit blond in the mall who was smoking. She kept inhaling as she went. Her exhales were cone like.
Our mothers smoked while pregnant with us. We turned out just fine. Besides, it is easier to deliver a smaller baby than an over weight fat kid.

I am a smoker and my wife as well, but I think when she is pregnant, she will quit smoking at least for the period of pregnancy. I have read the recent data about smoking in pregnancy and decided that, I know that each person is an individual, she won't be a smoker during pregnancy.

My mother smoked when she was pregnant with me. I actually find something exciting about that. I am glad she didn't let me get in the way of her smoking pleasure. I wish more pregnant women smoked.

WOW, would be a nice photo:P

vanvamp19, you are exactly right, just keep enjoying your smoking. glad you are a smoker, please add, thanks.

Thanks so much

Yes, there is something about a woman who will throw convention to the wind and follow her desires. Ah, this smoking fetish thing is ovewhelming sometimes...

I have never understood how a pregnant smoker could look so sexy and so cute at the same time, cheers!

Omg - so hot!!!

Theres no way talking about medica issues...but pregnant smokers look sooooooooooo hoooooooot

I quite liked the though of even the daughter chaining with them!