I'm Telling My Parents I Smoke

I am a 14 year old female smoker. And I smoke a pack a day. My brand now is kent menthol. My problem is, is that my parents dont know I smoke. I want to tell them, so I dont need to be so secretive anymore, and next to that, they will maybe buy me my cigarettes. My parents dont smoke, and I'm shore that they dont have a clue I smoke. So has anyone got a possitive experience. I am thinking with just putting a pack of smokes in my vest pocket so everybody can see them. And then maybe just lighting a cigarette after dinner orso. So again, someone help me?

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I bet your parents know already , and arent letting on so you smoke less. A none smoker will pick up on smoke a mile away.

I started in high school and both of my parents were ex smokers. I hid my smoking for a year but was getting tired of all the cologne, fabreeze and sneaking around. So one night after a day of the parents watching football and drinking, I just walked out onto the deck and lit up... Taking a long drag, and blowing a thick cloud from my Marlboro red. I wanted to make it obvious I had been doing this for a while. Much to my surprise no one came out to scold me. Instead, the next day they sat me down and explained their views and said they respected my decision since they too once smoked and enjoyed it very much. They also allowed me to smoke in my room as long as I cracked a window. My mom even gave me an ashtray eventually. This went on well into my junior year until something that shocked me happened one Sunday when I arrived home from a weekend with my girlfriend.. My mom and dad sat me down and said they had been doing alot of thinking and had come to a decision... I asked what was that? My dad slid a gift towards me along the table. I was shocked to open a carton of Marlboro reds! My parents explained that they were tired of watching me smoke alone and were going to start again! I was shocked! Now we had ashtrays in every room and mom would pick up cigs at the store just like it was milk and bread! To this day, we still enjoy smoking in both my house and there's when I visit.

I am stuck If I should smoke myself!! Any help? xx

I got caught on purpose...smoked in my room without taking the usual precautions.

It was a little tense for awhile, but on,e they got used to it and accepted that i was not going to was better when i could freely smoke.

Good luck!

I think it's your life and your choice. Just tell them after dinner "don't be surprised, I'm a smoker now" and then smoke :) worked fine for me

An internet bud I have who's also a teen says no matter what make sure you tell them before they discover it. It will go much easier on you, If you want to watch the vid it's GiuntCigReviews on YouTube and the vid is Smoking History.

if you going to smoke and your parents dont smoke i would suggest you go outside and smoke . i am a smoker and all i smoke is menthol now . please add xx

its your choice at the end of the day. your parents cant just say 'you cant smoke' or you are grounded because you would just carry on if you like smoking so much

good luck with it! add me, would love to talk to such a young smoker like u

Hey lincoln21 I have say a few things u said about smoking and I agree with all of it. If u want an online smoking partner message me.

If you are going to smoke then just smoke. Your parents may or may not understand, but it is your life. You obviously enjoy smoking very much! Please add, thanks.