My Smoking Test

When did you start smoking? I started when I was 9.

Why did you start? As a kid I always new I would be a smoker. It was my calling.

Are you addicted? Hell yea. I can't go an hours with out lighting up. But I want to tace my addiction to a higher level.

Do you want to quit? NO. I am a lifetime smoker. I will never quit.

Would it be hard to quit? Yes. There is no way I could do it. I love being addicted.

If you could do it over agin would you start? Yes for sure. It's the best feeling.

Does the age you started smoking bother you? Yes I wish I would have started when I was 6 or so. 9 was to late.

Does the health risks bother you? No because if you smoke you know how you will die.

How much do you smoke? I smoke 5 packs of Marlboro reds every day. But by the time I am 18 I want to be a full time chain smoker.

What is your favorite thing about smoking? I love the feeling of lighting up a cancer stick and taking the deepest drag I possibly can then slowly inhaling that thick grey smoke while my trashed lungs wheeze and cry in pain as the tar in my lungs starts to gargle as I strougle to breath then hold the thick smoke in my chest as long as I can until I can take it no more thes slowly exhale and try not to caugh as the tar gargles and as my lungs crack and my lungs And throught start to hurt from holding the smoke in to long then my heart starts to race to try and keep me alive then wait 30 seconds and do it agin.

At the rate you want to smoke how long do you expect to live? Well I want to be a full time chain smoker so I thins 45 will be it for me.

Do you worry about getting cancer by the age of 30? Yes because I went to the doctor a whle back and they did some kind of x ray on my lungs And they said a pair of lungs can hold up to 5 letters of tar and they said I had 2.9 letters of tar in mine. I'm not even 18 yet and that's allot I asked them why I had so much tar and they said it was because I started being a heavy smoker before my lungs were totally developed and they also said they expect me to get cancer with in the next 5 years due to to much tar. They said this wasn't very comin. But I still LOVE smoking and I'm glad I started and I'll never quit.

Has your doctors ever told you to quit? Yes they said I'm due for cancer with in the next 5 years due to high tar but as soon AsI left the hospital I chain smoked the rest of the day.

Has smoking effected your breathing? Yes I can't take a deep breath or caugh hard because the wheezing and the gargling is to bad. It's effected my heart to. It races when I light up but that may be because of how deep I smoke.

Is there anything you would change about your type if cig? Yes the Marlboro red is a great smoke but I would up the tar and nicotene levels though. More tar-nicotene the better.

If your kids want to smoke would you be ok with it? Yes even though I will never have kids if they wanted to smoke I would buy there cigs for them and sit them down for a nice breath of smoke and talk about there day.

Are you smoking now? Yes IV been chain smoking all day every day for about a week. The gargling got worse but that's is though.

Any advice for people who want to start smoking? Yes every one even kids should smoke. For you parents you need to make sure your kids have a cig in there mouth and smoke in there lungs by the age of 10 and let them smoke as much as they want. Never quit.

Any last comment? Yes the doctors did say I was due for cancer with in the next 5 years but that was because I over smoke. If you start smokin 2 or 3 packs a day you will live a long life. Smoking is good for you.
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

#18 Smoke. If you aren't "wired" for it, you won't keep doing it. If you have an interest or especially a desire, don't deny yourself like I did for years. It will nag at you until you give-in to it. If you are "wired" to smoke, do yourself the favor of embracing it and enjoying it. I did and have no regrets.<br />
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Smoking isn't for everyone, but for those that have the pre-disposition to smoke, it's a wonderful and pleasurable experience that is emotionally, physically, and mentally satisfying. Enjoy the addiction and the pleasure.

#10 My favorite thing is a combination of the addiction and relaxation. I really enjoy the last one of the day when it's quiet and I'm just sitting and taking it it. I love having the addiction. It's very satisfying.<br />
#11 Still a long time. I don't force myself to smoke a ton, except on occassion and I live a healty lifestyle despite it.<br />
#12 Considering I started at 30, no :) As long as you have a healthy immune system, you should be fine.<br />
#13 Doctor doesn't know.<br />
#14 Nope.<br />
#15 Not really.<br />
#16 As long as it's my kids personal choice and not peer-pressure driven, yes it's fine.<br />
#17 As soon as I'm done here :)

#1 I started at 30.<br />
#2 I wanted to. It's hard to explain why, but for years I had a subconscious desire to smoke. I was already mentally addicted to it before I had my first smoke.<br />
#3 I'm very addicted. <br />
#4 No, won't quit. I started at 30 knowing I would never stop because I wanted that. Now I totally enjoy it.<br />
#5 Very hard. Luckily, I won't find out :)<br />
#6 Yes, I would start again, likely much earlier. I missed out the opportunity in my teen years to really experience it.<br />
#7 Doesn't bother me at all. Can't say it was "peer-pressure." It was a personal desire.<br />
#8 No. Doesn't bother me bacause if you really analyze it, it's not as bad as the anti's push. Most non-smokers have much worse habits or lifestyles.<br />
#9 Varies. Depends on the day, what mood I'm in or how busy I am. Sometimes 10 a day, sometimes over a pack.

so very true, all my kids and grandkids smoke, they all started by the age of 8. they all love smoking

Yes, out of us four brothers, I(the baby) somehow got addicted to smoking at age three. I wouldn't be surprised if my two wiseass brothers(10/11 at the time and didn't smoke) dared me to smoke one of moms or tried it themselves and let me puff it and I got addicted. Otherwise my parents wouldn't have let me smoke at that young age unless they got me started because it was cute. Anyways, it turned into a 48 year habit for me. And yes, I have old audio tapes of me smoking at three years old. Imagine hearing yourself at that age telling your mom you wanted a cigarette and getting one?