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My Smoking Test Of Time

I knew I wanted to be a smoker when I was 8. I started smoking when I was 12. I was up to a pack a day at 13 and I have smoked that much or more ever since. I smoke Marlboro 100s, although in a pinch any full flavor 100 is ok. Lights are for ******* and posers. I now smoke 1.5-4ppd, depending on other factors, like partying, 420, etc. I am a radical smoker in that I feel smoking is my right and people who have no right to do so are trying to force their lifestyle on me. I love smoking. I love smokers. I love being addicted. I think my addiction is awesome. Smoking is pleasure and i dig pleasure. I like feeling good. I am not shy about sharing my views, either. I like my lighters to have big flames so people see when I light up and I light up in public as often and as dramatically as I can. I make and wear shirts that glorify and proclaim smoking awesomeness. And anytime I can guide and encourage people to become smokers I do so enthusiastically.

Why is this wrong? What is wrong with feeling good? The staus quo has given us 4,000 years of non-stop war, poverty, starvation, disease and strife. Native Americans didn't call it a "war pipe". It was a "peace pipe". And, in fact, if everyone were always smoking, no one would be fighting because one hand would be holding their cigarette, and, they would be feeling really good! But here is my beautiful ending to this...

Three years ago I broke my leg and it required two steel screws to put it back together. When I awoke from the surgery the surgeon said "You are in the best shape we have ever seen for anyone your age (52) in this hospital. Ever." I said, "Excuse me? Are you kidding me, doc? Do you have any clue how much I smoke? Any idea how much I have drank over the years? And, finally, do you even have a clue how much drugs I've done? Yes, I'm active, but, if what you say is true I am either the biggest anomaly (exception) in the history of the human race, or, they are lying to us about the negative effects of these things. Which is it, doc?" His answer, a doctor, mind you, and they are famous for never saying anything, "It's probably a combination of the two." i.e., they are lying at least in that they are at the very least embellishing and overstating.

I'm skinny. Obesity is the biggest health problem in America. I ride a bike 60-100 miles a week. And I do it with a cigarette in my hand. I am peaceful, mellow, non-violent and happy. I love being addicted. And I'm going to keep on smoking as much as I want. To anyone else who recently wrote a similar story in this group... you rock buddy. Stay lit. Enjoy. Smoke. It's totally awesome.
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I find that people who smoke and have bad health will have bad health if they never smoked. If your setting or lying around not using your body much your going to be unhealthy. Eating the right foods makes your body better. Most people don't eat healthy for long periods of time. If your feeling bad your going to psychically feel bad as well.

You guys are working your bodies doing healthy things. So it's going to be in good shape. Your doing these healthy things why smoking. This allows the body to strengthen what is needed to adapt. When your doing healthy things. it's hard to get sick or unhealthy. all that feeling relax and not stressing makes it easy to handle many things. The smoking is not going to be able to harm you when you are active. Smoking does put tar or what ever it is on the longs. Doing cardio heals the lungs. you guys do healthy things so often. you not only improve your body but you also become immune to the harmful parts of a sigg.

Your calm, peaceful, and feeling good. It's just common seance that your going to think clearly and handle things better because your mind is working with out all the worrying of things that dont matter. The government makes things so expensive so you will always have to work. If your having a great time that cost only 10 dollars that will last you all day. Then you'll have more money. If you have more money. you can make a business or something. If you do that then you make more money. If you make more money, you can do more things and you might even help people to not be poor. that means less slaves that get paid enough money to live to work another day. people spend close to a hundred dollars going to a sports game or a theme park. there's no reason to spend so much money when smoking while riding a bike makes you feel like your gliding across the street. why pay so much money to see a 2 hour movie when you can have a smoke and just talk to people for hours. Your less distracted when your smoking. So it's easier to pay attention to others when they talk and you will care more about the things they say and how they feel. This adds more pleasure to a conversation.

people that don't like smoking can just not smoke and stop telling others to stop smoking. There smoking is not going to effect you any way. It's not your body there using to smoke with.

It does not matter if you smoke or not. If you dont eat right or work out. You will not be healthy.

Right on the money. I cycle 100 plus miles a week. Will answer more completely when I get back from my trip. Doing this from a cell phone. Happy Thanksgiving buddy!

100 miles is awesome. you are welcome. cell phones do take long to type with. I will be waiting days for your reply.

Wow. Thanks so much for sharing. To have you confirm with a "second opinion" really gives me both happiness and appreciation. Now I have to celebrate in a manner that encompasses all of the factors discussed herein. It only seems a fair and just way to celebrate such awesome news. <br />
<br />
Time out to light up.<br />
<br />
I will follow this with another post about how I believe our behavior and decency as human beings has much more to do with our health than Western medicine gives it any say over. But, my views and opinions constitute the 180 degree opposite of mainstream. In fact, my views are near no stream, not even a dirt path. The road less traveled? I would welcome such a step up. Party on buddy. And thanks again.

I'm 10 years younger than you, but otherwise we sound very similar. I started smoking on a daily basis at the tender age of 11 and have smoked at least 2ppd of Marlboro Reds with a carton or two of unfiltered Pall Malls thrown in now and then for the last 24 years.<br />
<br />
I've done 4:20 since my mid teens and was a very heavy user for most of my 20's and early 30's. You name it, I've probably done it - acid, coke, meth, - the list goes on. I've never met a pain reliever I didn't like. I've never abused any of it, but I've done more than my share of drugs. I've also done more than my share of hard drinking, and even though I don't abuse my liver as much as I once did, it doesn't get any breaks, either. That's for sure.<br />
<br />
I'm not athletic, but I am active. I walk most places I go, including two miles round trip to work and back every day. I'm a trim 150 pounds. Two years ago I had to have a complete physical for insurance purposes. It was the first time I had been to a doctor except for sinus infections in over 15 years. I wasn't looking forward to it. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about what the Doc. would find. After all, I'd spent most of my life smoking and drinking excessively, doing assorted drugs, and paying absolutely no attention to my diet. My wife was also about to turn 40 and had to have a physical as well. She has about the same smoking/drinking/drugs history as me, except she doesn't 420 as much anymore, but hasn't stopped entirely.<br />
<br />
The Doc. put us through our paces. If it could be tested, it was tested. If it cold be poked, probed, or palpated, it was. We got lung function tests, stress tests, blood work for everything from cholesterol to prostate cancer, to liver function. You name it, they did it.<br />
<br />
The result? We were both pronounced to be in excellent health. Cholesterol: good. Liver function: good. Lung function: lower than optimal, but good. And so forth. Like you, we each asked our doctor to explain. They both told s the same things. 1) Everyone is different. What would kill one person may not phase another. 2) The health effects of or assorted vices are greatly overblown. 3) Either one of us could wake up tomorrow with lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, cirrhosis, or any number of nasty things. Lifestyles like ours make life a crap shoot. <br />
<br />
Both doctors advised us to quit smoking and drink less. That's their job. Neither of us took the advice or intends to.