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You Know, I Was Thinking.

When I smoke I feal my lungs burn and heart race and I love it. I smoke 4-5 packs a day and I started when I was 9 and I love the side effects of smoking. I just love lighting up and I want to do it more and more. The gargeling feels awesome cuz it feels like someone is drumming on my chest, the fast heart beat feels cool the wheezing sounds cool and the cracking tickles my lungs. It all just makes me want to smoke more. It's time to take my addiction to a higher level. Sense my family can afford it I want to be a full time chain smoker. As long as my heart beats I will smoke and when I get cancer I will just smoke more. I don't regret starting And if my kids ever want to start at ANY age I will be ok with it. I will buy there cigs for them and sit them down for a breath of smoke and tell them all the great things about smoking. I don't care if they smoke as much as I do.
deleted deleted 26-30 May 20, 2012

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