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Smoking Is Sooo Questionaire Filled Out... Hang On, I Have To Light Up...

jay's ep smoking questionaire for people who totally enjoy their cigarettes

Smoking Questionaire

1.When did you start smoking? 12

2. What was the main motivation for starting? Knew I wanted to since about 8.

3. Do you feel addicted to it? Yep. & love it. to me addiction is a good thing. i love my addiction!

4. Have you tried to quit? yeah, right.

5. Would it be hard for you to quit? we'll never know because i won't even think about it.

6. How does smoking make you feel? really, really good. totally awesome.

7. Do you regret starting? i regret starting at age 12. should have started when i knew i wanted to. at age 8.

8. If you had to do it all over again, would you start? yep. 4 years younger.

9. Would you have started at a younger age? yep.

10. Does the health risks bother you? nope.

11. How often do you smoke? as much as i can, in general. 1.5 - 4.5 ppd.

12. Would you date a non-smoker? no.

13. What if your teenage kids wanted to smoke? if? you mean when. they would and our house would be a place for him/her amd their friends to smoke if they wanted.

14. Do you think most smokers want to quit? no.

15. What are some benefits you see to smoking? sexy, common thing with other smokers, keeps me skinny, smoking & partying go together.

16. What would your advice be to someone thinking about starting smoking? just do it. right now. thinking about it means you want to.

17. Any final remarks? in 100 years the whole anti-smoking crusade of this era will be viewed as stupidly as we view prohibition.

18. What's you favorite brand? Marlboro 100s

19. How many packs per day? 1.5 (work day) to 4.5 (great day)

20. Do you enjoy seeing young smokers lighting up? totally. and i praise them for it whenever possible.
smokingrocks1 smokingrocks1 56-60, M 1 Response Jun 9, 2012

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Man, I'm so jealous of your spirits. If I wasn't such a wush I'd smoke all day. But I am generaly afraid of sickness and whatever **** it gives you.<br />
<br />
ps:Would you date a none smoker? No. (I hate a terifying story for you. My little sister is trying to help her boyfriend cut down on smoking)

i'm fiercely independent and a cross between a nerd and a jock, pretty much guaranteeing "loner". i think i was dropped on my head as a baby. nonetheless, i can back up my positions with facts and smug arrogance, which exists to the core of the of the elitist anti-smoking crowd, is like finger nails on a blackboard to me. finally, when did embibe-able substances become a mechanism of social control? with alcohol, i guess, but as far as I'm concerned the people have a right to eat, drink or smoke anything on the planet so long as they do not threaten the well being of others.

whenever you're ready we can discuss the complete elimination of the international banks, ending pensions for politicians and ending the tax-exempt status of organized religions. then we'll break for lunch.

You know what I always want to do? BOMB all cities and vilages. It would be a blast to watch! Plus, less annoying people telling us what to do or making us work for them. Aaaah...I wish I could see a dream like that. And what is embile-able?

when you imbibe (sorry i mis-spelled before) something you take it in, you consume it. therefore anything you ingest into your body by any means. if i may suggest something to you, go watch a few, the most recent ones preferably, of the videos from The Galactic Federation of Light on YouTube. Then catch up with me on here and let me know what you think. Either someone is attempting the greatest fraud in the history of the planet, or, the most historic event in history is right around the corner.