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"smoking: Which Is More Important, Having Your Kid Trust You Or Looking Like Society Wants You To?"

I am writing this in reference to the stories about letting your kids smoke, how to handle, etc.

In my view, especially in the age we live in with so much duplicity and hypocrisy, I am more interested in having my kid know that whatever he needs to ask me about, he or she can. And that they will get an honest answer. So, I would tell them when I started smoking, why, why I love it, etc., and if they wanted to smoke I would let them. I wouldn't be phony like society is on so many things. It is far more important to me that they know they can trust me and that I trust them than any one individual thing.

Too often we lie to kids because that's what has always been done. I think that creates far more problems than anything else. I should close by saying it's unlikely that I will ever have to make this decision and that may make me more bold.

Light one up and tell me what you think.
smokingrocks1 smokingrocks1 56-60, M 2 Responses Jun 28, 2012

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My son is only three years old and hasn't said anything about my smoking yet. He even crawls onto my lap while I am smoking so the smoke doesn't seem to bother him.
When he starts asking me questions about smoking I will be honest and tell him the truth

I agree with you on being open and honest with your kids,as long as you also make them aware of the hazards .Too many people cannot relate to kids and then wonder where it all went wrong when it's too late. I cannot stand smoking now ,but still remember the pleasure of it .