Smoking Is Fun

I am a female and I feel really sexy when I smoke. I love to smoke while waiting for the bus or train. I get there early to wait just so I have time to smoke a couple of marlboro reds. Although I am 18, I barely look 16. It is funny to see horrified looks of people when they see this cute, young blond girl smoking. I love the look on a store clerk's face as they hastily ask for my id when I buy a new pack. I know its not healthy but we all die anyways. Plus, all my friends who are anti-smoking activists love to lie out on the beach and get tan. I don't see why they think that getting cancer by tanning is ok but by smoking is so wrong. I'll try and quit maybe one day...definitely before I have kids. But for now I'll smoke. Whenever I am sad, depressed, lonely, bored, they just get my mind off the world.
HotMiamiGirl HotMiamiGirl
4 Responses Oct 28, 2012

Love it. You go girl.

I hope you will re-evaluate this decision. I have watched many people who deceived themselves into believing that they could quit before they became addicted. Do the home work, the cigarettes companies add nicotine, which is a highly addictive drug, and much harder to quit than most realize.

I have watched a number of family members who were smokers develop dieses and live uncomfortable lives, and early death's if their siblings who were non smokers were the control group. So I hope you think carefully about it. I can tell you that I have seen the effects, and aunt's who smoke look older than my mom, who did not but was born earlier than they were. Just hard facts that will take their toll eventually.

I think there is nothing sexyer than a young teen girl smoking.

The only thing close is a young teen girl sucking ****.

You have it exactly right, just smoke!