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Virginia Slim Menthol Light 120's

...are the best thing to happen too me! a bit expensive for a single mom and not always easy to get in my area, but i love the taste the feel and the look!
MissKira MissKira 22-25, F 7 Responses Dec 27, 2012

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Some pics would be wonderful kira...

I just started smoking and smoking Virginia slims menthol 120's... My husband thinks it makes me look so sexy

It does.


Well way to go girl!! Virginia Slims 120's ROCK!! I am a guy, but me and my girlfriend both smoke them!!

Glad you found them - enjoy.

I'm a male and I LOVE VS 120's, especially the gold pack. But the methol lights 120's are cool, too. I treated myself to a pack on New Years Eve, and had a ball with them. I wish I had a black girlfriend that smokes them. My god sister likes them and that's it. Maybe my dream girl will come one day. Enjoy life and enjoy your VS 120 light methols.

That is really hot

I like looking at women smoking.

well i like smoking lol

You have any pictures? Just asking.