1-3 Per Day

I enjoy smoking 1-3 cigarettes per day. Aside from the morning cigarette, I'm really spontaneous about when I smoke and sometimes won't have one at all. I know that 0 is a better number, but the same can be said for eating a piece of cake or other junk food. They're both guilty pleasures that are bad for you, but if you really enjoy them then why deprive yourself of something you enjoy? Just keep it in moderation. I might quit again one of these days... when I'm ready to!
diaperlovinggirl diaperlovinggirl
31-35, T
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Hi, Good for you, Only 1-3 cigs a day, that is commendable. I'm long past that stage quickly going from 1-3 cigarettes a day as a teenager to being a regular smoker (over a pack a day) for the past several years. But like you, I do enjoy them so, even though at this stage of my life quitting is not an option.I did start wearing and using diapers as well but only about two years ago and love the benefits and pleasure of being diapered. Don't think I can/want to give that up either. Best to you, Kelly

Thanks. They're both guilty pleasures that feel great. Now smoking while wearing diapers would be even better!