My Love Of Smoking

i am a 2 pac a day salem 100s smoker, and i totally love everything about my smoking. i have been a smoker since high school - i am 49 now - have not had a day without a cigarette since i started. i love the feeling of pleasure i get from my comfortable habit. i am the gal that my friends go to when they need to bum a cigarette off of when they are trying to give up the habit. i enjoy that i am known as a smoker, it is part of my identity. i love the way i look with a cigarette, i even enjoy the inconveniences that smoking brings. i converted the breakfast nook in my home to my smoker's nook - i went shopping yard sales one day, and found some old magazines that had some full page, classic salem ads in them, and i framed them and put them up in my little nook.

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I too smoke salem100. I had be always loved the ads,especially the phrase,you can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the country out of Salem.

obviously you're a ******* retard

I love smoking, as well, especially Marlboro from

watched your vid on you tube great to someone enjoying their cigarettes just wonder do you have to get up at night for a smoke I do i always waken about 5 desprate for a smoke

thank you for the compliment on my video! yes, i do get up at nite to smoke. i have learned to keep a pac on my nite stand next to my bed, for convenience.

You guys are all ******* immurture shitz. I LOVE smoking just like you but i know ots not doing anything good for me. My aunt and my granpa died from lung cancer. my uncle had smoked for 37 years, had quit for 7 but it was too late. The only reason people (including me) smoke is becuse they need it to have something to look forward to/enjoy in their life. You ever notice how happy people dont smoke, you might be sayin wtf im happy, but truly your not. You know deep down something isnt right. I hope you ******* fools can understand what your doing to yourself, and that you need to take a goos look at your life.

Do guys tell you that they have a fetish for it have u ever gotten naughty from it?

Great Post!!

That's awesome. I always tell the smokers that always say "I need to quit" to knock it off, you love it. Just smoke and enjoy it.

I too am a 2 pack a day salem 100s smoker. It just feels right to me and love the taste the smell

I love youe story. You remind me of my mom who was always smoking loved it, and didn't care what anyone thought. Some of my moms girlfriends were lighter or social smokers. But when they got together with my mom she would get them smoking just as heavily as her.I loved seeing this, it was very exciting for some reason. I am friends with a girl named Tracy who also loves smoking. She offers cigarettes to non-smokers, especially when out drinking. She has actually converted a few of her girlfriends into smokers. She seems to get a thrill out of it. I do too, I like to see an adult woman who loves smoking peer pressure others to start smoking or smoke more..that corrupting influence is exciting..I guess it traces back to what I saw my mom do to her friends.

thank you for the comment! a few years ago, i met this guy at a show, he was trying to get to know me and all, part of the process involved him "bumming" a cig from me. since i smoke salem 100s, it was not exactly a cigarette for a first time smoker to start out on. the next weekend i went out, i picked up a pack of marlboro lites to keep in my purse, just in case i saw him again. lucky me, i did - so when he asked for a cigarette, i offered him a marlboro lite - i told him that i picked up a pack of them with him in mind. he was very gracious and thankful, i remember telling him i wanted to keep the pack on me so i would know that he would be coming back to me throughout the evening - it worked!

I want to smoke but am 13 years old and no one will by me a pack of cigs!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />

I want to smoke but am 13 years old and no one will by me a pack of cigs!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />

I do not smoke or drink there is nothing harmful in smoking.I have every medical condition<br />
you can think of and i dont smoke.

i agree with you that you look good smoking. i would love to see a vid of you enjoying yourself with a smoke. To see your pleasure would be so pleasing and relaxing.

aww thank u honey! i do have some videos of me smoking, they are on youtube - just do a search for "lonigatienne" there and they should pop up!

I so agree with you! I am only a pack a day smoker (they're too expensive so I have to restrain myself, damn it) but I really enjoyed your story. I'll bet now you couldn't even find any magazine ads with people smoking, people automatically have this prejudice about us smokers,and it's totally unfair. If they don't like to breathe our smoke, let them go someplace else. <br />
<br />
My only complaint is that I wish name brand cigs were cheaper. I want to buy a whole carton.

I LOVE smoking too, I also go thru 2 packs a day but they are marlboro lights. I love everything about it from lighting up to the smell it leaves behind. I will never quit I dont care how much people ***** at me for it, just makes me wanna smoke even more

i have just started smoking about a week ago and i am also smoking marlboro lights. at first i thought they tasted terrible that was because my body did not know what lovely tobacco tasted like. when i smoked my second 3 days later it did not have a terrible taste then. Since then i have had on average one smoke a day. I do not want to rush it and i am being careful to be in control but I am enjoying it so much. i love lighting it up and drawing on it and breathing the smoke deep into my lungs. I know I wont give it up it feels too good.

It really is enjoyable. After a while you'll throw that "in control" stuff out :) sell marlboro, 555, Camel, Lucky Strike, More, Salem, Dunhilll and so on! cheap: and discount cigarettes online, tax free to all USA customers. <br /><br />
PS: Salem just $20.66/carton on promotion now.

A woman after my own heart. I hate what the world has become and the way we have been made into pariahs. I used to love to go to parties and bars where everyone was enjoying their cigarettes. I don't dwell on the negatives but the rest of the world sure does. The latest assault is Fire Safe Cigarettes (FSC). They have ruined commercial smokes for me and I have swiched to Make Your Own Cigarettes. I would rather have stayed with the regular brands but I absolutely can't smoke them. They make me sick (coughing, chest tighness) and taste terrible. I don't believe this had anything to do with fire safety but rather another way to force people to quit. The taxes on cigarettes are astronomical. Done in the name of forcing me to behave as society wants me to. I resent the hell out of that.<br />
<br />
Let's withdraw into our own smoker friendly world!

how did you hide the smoke smell from your parents?

It's nice to see someone who has the courage to say she loves smoking. (I do, too.) In the "politically correct" world we live in, most smokers have been made to feel cowed and ashamed of their smoking and would never admit to actually enjoying it. Mostly, they just say how awful they know it is and how they wish they could rid themselves of the horrible addiction. But I expect you know all this. Congratulations for having, at least in my opinion, unusual courage!

I love to smoke too, it makes me so horny!