Should I?

Hey ;) (This is a message for the writer of the blog, 'I smoke cigarettes') Anyone can reply though with advice <3
I have read your smoking blog. And I am really torn apart.
First of all let me say I enjoyed reading it.
I thought you have good notions to put forward.
I am 13 and I am a generally happy person.
I recently saw my friends smoking outside my school. And They offered me a cigarette. I couldn't say yes (yet)
But now I regret saying no, because I really want to be a smoker but then I don't. I am really stuck! Reading what you wrote I have grown a bigger desire but also a stronger feeling of negativity! I feel torn apart and I don't know wgat to do. Hopefully you can help me since you're a smoker and you enjoy it ;)
Yours sincerely,
Hopeful future smoker.
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What happened - did you start smoking, or at least try it? Did you like it? It has been 2 years - are you a heavy smoker now LOL?

Let me do the old fart thing for you. I started smoking when I was thirteen and did so until I was almost 50. I really can't think of a worse descision that I made in my life. At first I thought it was the coolest thing, I was grown up, cool, even a little bad *** and I got a little buzz too. I was living at home and had up to three part time jobs, so I could afford them too.

The first thought I had was about their cost. This may or may not have an effect on you in the immediate future, but when I was got out on my own, I could have used the money. I was smoking about two packs a day at seventeen, about twelve dollars a days worth using the average costs of $6/pack in todays world.

It wouldn't be much longer before my smile got much less bright, brushing didn't fix it, my breath degraded as in runing out of breath and stink breath, cigarette ashes over all my favorite things it was taking too many of my moments. All the time it seemed like a fix all for any anxiety. You end up feeling anxious when you NEED a smoke, so it seems like it could fix anxiety. Out of the 35 years that I smoked, I hated them for 25 years. Don't ask friends your age, that IS the cool stage, ask people 25 or so.

So, I was living in Arizona and they have this unfun disease that you get from the dirt. I was having a hard time breathing. That makes you anxious when you really need to breath and you can't. So what did I do? I started smoking like a chimney to feel less anxious. All the way up to the ER visit. Cigarettes controled me and they didn't care.

I am not afraid of adventure and have experiences that are way beyond what I would tell you at this stage. I have driven above 135 mph in a few cars, I even got in a bit of trouble with the law and smoked in jail as a late teen. Not really a loser, I played in rock bands, went to college and became the boss of my department. Built a bus into an RV and travelled around for several years. There's much more but it's not the point.

The point is this. Smokers mostly all start young, before 18, because if you are a little older you see how stupid and dangerous it really is. Stupid. A slow motion dangerous.

mrmarlboro100 is either your age, and hasn't seen the truth yet, it is possible that they are older and mentally challenged or possibly a degenerate personallity. No one that has walked that road would pick it for anyone else. That is uninspired and uncool advice. Find someone that has smoked long enough to know. 10 years would do it.

What you have just said has reared me away from smoking. You have good knowledge ;) I suggest you spread this to others as well. And I thought mrmarlboro didn't sound very genuine either. He should be ashamed for encouraging youths to start smoking, which I have now learnt is a dirty habit. Thanks

I hope so. Have huge loads of fun.

Will, do. Check out my anti-smoking post ;)

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