Smoking Is Wrong In So Many Ways.

In this day and age (2013) We tend to have smokers but not as many as there were in the 50s. What we have got as a group of smokers spread across the world. Some of these may be you. Okay, now I have heard people going, 'No, quitting, no way' And I can see your point. Of course we all have our addictions like : Chocolate, Coffee and we tend to consume these products quite moderately just like some smokers only smoke 3 or prehaps 4 or day. Most people say 'That is nothing compared to a whole bar of chocolate' Well guess what. You're wrong. Smoking is not like eating a chocolate bar. It's completely different in so many ways. When people eat chocolate they are consuming calories and sugar. The sugar is dissolved and makes the body put on weight just like calories. But what most people do is fitness and excercise, which will of course burn and lose calories. So when they come back home from, let's say a 'run or a fitness session' They can have a hearty meal,which then they can burn off again. However back onto the smoking. When you smoke cigarettes you are consuming so many products and substances a normal being without discovering tobacco would not take in. Cigarettes contain nasty chemicals such as ;tar, Rat poison, toilet cleaner, battery substances, Acetone (highly poisonous) and much much more. When you inhale smoke from a cigarette you breather it into your lungs and it stays there. In your body. It clings to your lungs and makes them black and ugly. It mutates your lungs into something more like a cancer growth which soon spreads so quickly it kills that one being. However, when you smoke a cigar you are only inhaling through the mouth and it does not infest your lungs like a cigarette would. So If any Extremely addicted smokers are reading this. You have a chance. You can either quit or die slowly and painfully, however there is an alternative. You can get e-cigs which are not as un-healthy as cigarettes or you can smoke a cigar. Now moving from health issues I move onto another wrong aspect of smoking. Now read carefully smokers,for when you smoke not do you harm only yourself but you harm innocent others. When you're standing outside in a queue for a attraction or something else,etc. You think 'Oh I might as well light a cig' Well you know what. That is the last thing you want to do. Don't be a selfish prat. People around you will have no choice but to breathe in your ghastly fumes and harm themselves quite considerably. Now you're thinking. 'Oh come on, what the ****, the public can manage a drift of smoke' In fact yes you're right. But what I say next, will prove you wrong. So we've got a large population in the world. About 7 billion? Most are smokers, some are non-smokers. A human being (non-smoker) will have encountered a smoker in a queue about 50 times per year or more. This can add up to a couple of cigarettes themselves or even a whole box. This is harmful and sometimes can be life-threataning to asthma sufferers or people with delicate lungs. I know smokers Don't want to harm people. But guess what they are and maybe I could even say YOU BLOODY ARE!!! If you are a smoker you should be considerable to others and be aware, that as well as killing yourself slowly, you are killing others as well. And to make it even worse you are killing them slowly... I hope all you smokers and non-smokers or even ex-smokers are taking this information all in. Because smoking is a terrible thing. It's not cool and it's not kind to the environment, public and even yourself. God gave you life. To cherish it and to live it to the fullest. Don't waste it by harming yourself and other innocent people around you. You should get on with your bloody life and get active! It's a new year and a new start. Everyone gets a second chance. Will you take yours?
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more anti smoking propabullshit. look...we know its bad for us. we understand that. we understand the risks. we smoke because we enjoy it. for me...its a relaxation thing. if not...i swear id kill everyone around me. i understand thats its hazardous to others as well. thats why i dont smoke around others except fellow smokers. i smoke in the privacy of my home or car. maybe while walking down the street. if you and other have a problem with us smoking...then dont come around us. perhaps move to anartica where nobody there to smoke. i dont mean to be rude but if a person chooses to do something with their lives and body and we acknowledge the risks and are prepared to take them...its none of your concern. if you dont like to be around smokers.. stay away. also...btw. cigars are not satisfying as cigs. we get pleasure from inhaling...not just the whole hold smoke in mouth for flavour and then blow out. no...its the inhaling. e-cigs are okay. tried them. doesnt satisfy as well as real thing.

Please comment on your experiences. I think I can help smokers to get off their ****.

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