Loved to Send and to Receive From My Former Bf...warning It Is About My Ex....

My former boyfriend used to send me little things in the mail.  He sent me a shirt that he had worn that smelled just like him. I still have this shirt and it still smells heavenly (because  keep it in one of those air tight bags).  It got me through a lot of nights in the beginning of our end. 

I could count on getting little post it notesin the mail that he wrote little sentiments on such as "I love you" "You are beautiful" or "You are my world."  In return I would send him cards in the mail. Some would be funny and very "store bought" while others were straight from my heart. I looked forward to going to the mailbox to send him something new or finding  something in my box from him.  We had a very special relationship and no amount of time will ever take that away.  I still have the post it notes and the little sentiments he sent me which is strange because I normally throw such things away withthe exception of one item and one picture for my memory box.  I still have the card from the flowers he sent me. Snail mail is so much better than email in respect to this because you have something that you can physically touch and feel in your hands.  I placed this man's stuff including his pictures in my memory box today.  Those of you who know me best know what this means. 

A close-up picture of "THE SHIRT."


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Oh I understand now. I was like WTH? before lol. ((hugs honey)) makes me feel happy, to know you can love like that.....

This is a very old post Andy.

i'm happy for you...

Awww thanks.

Thanks Angel. I loved this man deeply and I ached deep when he walked away.

That is a good story

You know that was true for me girl. I loved it hard and I loved it harder and I loved it until he couldn't love it anymore LOL. I am such a bad girl.

True.. Well remember good days are to come!! And I Love the shirt !! So True!! :)

Thanks girl for reading this. I needed to say it today. The memory box is the acceptance. It has been a tough day. Has it really even been a day really? It has been a fog again.

Awwww :)