They Are The Clowns Of The Aquarium!

I have two loved snails, one nerite and one apple snail, they both like crawling ad scraping stuff off my hands :)
My apple snail has this tube (siphon) thing, that they use to get oxygen cause they have no gills which is cute and creey at the same time :D
My other snail, which is a zebra nerite snail, is a small snail which is cleans very well, I actually had two of them (spotted nerite snail) which died, from something :)
My Apple snail doesn't eat algae much and looks unhealthy when I got him/her (i think its bi-sexual) because the shell doesn't look good, but it seems active :D
It doesn't want to eat strawberry (at the mean time), I can't get lettuce and cabbages now, and my mom might ask if it is really that necessary to feed my snail that... so I wont ask... I might just wait for some carrots and veggies and I'll just take a piece :)
I'm just wondering how to feed it without having my platies eating it all and teasing my snail, yes they do tease and nip my snails, which is why I prefer seperating them, but my mom, you know...
Jacklol Jacklol
13-15, F
Apr 7, 2012