But Not On A Plate

I do love snails they are great little creatures. Well actually I say little but I went to brixton market the other day and screamed when I saw a snail the size of a football...ok a small football...but it was quite amazing then I noticed a big basket full of these massive giant snails, evidentally they are food to some, lately they have started selling them in our local petshops!..i wonder if they run away...and if they come when you call their name!.

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8 Responses Oct 27, 2009

You call snails harmless? Snails are like daredevils! My snail got out of its tank yesterday and ate a dead ant (or maybe ate it alive!), I thought ants eat snails?

lol feasibilitystudy they freakin scared me...lol<br />
<br />
missmara76 lol a very good desc<x>ription i think

lol....exactly puffaluff exactly!

lol lilt thats a valid point but look at it this way...they were little snails that done that..right??...well just imagine the damage these big ones will do if they are left to colonise!!!!!!!....scary thought.

Harmless?????? I don't think so.<br />
They have eaten some of my most prized hostas!

lol...only when cooked, otherwise they are pretty harmless.

Escargot ???<br />
THEY "are Dirty Creatures"; in "my" estimation.

lol...not these big ones they are quicker than the average snail...;)