I just love snakes, actually love all animals. I think it is because my dad does ot like them at all In fact He worked on ships all over the world and once in Africa he and his buddy were in a river, more like a small moving bog actually, and i think i watched too much crocodile hunter when i was a kid. Anyway they were swimming and all of a sudden they were being chased by two poisonous water snakes. But i just love them my first real incounter with a snake was a little garden snake, about the size of a pencil, ( i was about three) i stept on its tail and it hissed at me loud.. and that sorta freacked me out but, i was amazed what a big noise that little thing made.

I live in a place where there arn't really any poisonous snakes because it is too cool for them here but sorta close about 100 miles from me there are desert like places that do have rattle snakes.. Now a days i look for snakes all the time, lizards too actually pretty well anything bigger than a bug i like to catch.. snakes..lizards.... frogs..... salimandars...... um.... some bugs big bugs like beetles and stuff ... oh yeah and grass hoppers.... and yes i am a girl.... i love watching the whimpy girls scream and scwirmy girls freak out and it is awesome.... i actully get a lot of attention from guys that way by not being the tipical girl that freaks out a bug or something...

A little off topic but.... There was this one girl in my class that totally freaked out at anything gross, this one day we had to do a sheep eye disection for science because we were studying optics, she refused to do it but then she could not do the work sheet either cuz it was about the disection and she got an F for the assignment.. and which didn't help her at all cuz she was failing the course as well...

anyway back to snakes yeah i just think they are awesome. And should not be feard but respected..

love Danyell
danhorse danhorse
22-25, F
Jul 16, 2010