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My first experience with a snake occured when I was in the first grade. A couple of handler's from the local wildlife museum brought a couple of animals, including snakes, to show our school. Anyways, I was one of the kids that volunteered to hold a snake. It was a huge, black snake (I have no clue what kind) and it was beautiful. Surprisingly, the snake was a hit and all the children started raising their hands and asking questions. Meanwhile, the snake around my shoulders started squeezing my neck. In all fairness to the handlers, there were only two people there and I had a really small neck. Long story short, one of the handlers realized that I couldn't breathe and took the snake off of me. The oddest thing is that I still love snakes to this day...they don't scare me in the least!! I don't know why, I mean really I should be terrified of them but I'm not!
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I went to a local zoo and they let us handle the snakes, I remember holding this red and black striped snake cos no-one else wanted to...anyway long story short I was wearing a really warm rain coat at the time that I loved and the snake obviously decided it loved it too because it slithered down my sleeve and they couldn't get it out... It wasn't really doing anything and I remember not wanting to let it go XD funniest thing was I looked round for my dad and found him about ten metres away behind me...I hadn't realised he was terrified of snakes and it was so funny and I kept on teasing him all the way home!!! lol

I love snakes too. but people shoulden''t be scared of a snake if it just bit or constricted them, It wasen't trying to hurt you, it was scared.

Someone asked me if I wanted a snake a few years ago and I asked to see it and hold it first. After 3 quick strikes to the head, I decided to keep it :-)<br />
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Best nonpoisonous one I had was an 18 foot Burmese that once had my whole hand in it's mouth and was constricting on my arm.<br />
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Best poisonous one was a 6 foot rattlesnake.