My First Snakes

I was a young teenager when I found the exciting world of captive bred snakes. My mother would not allow reptiles in her house so the option of asking grandpa arose. He lived at the bottom of five acres and we lived on top so it would be perfect! He said yes of course and I began my search. I settled into the cornsnake world and found a breeder in a small town nearby. $25 apiece for amelanistic babies so I bought three. Fed them pinkies which turned to hoppers and adults in no time. My next purchase was an adult proven pair of snow corns. They were beauties and within a year I had four healthy eggs. In the incubator they were doing fantastic for about two thirds of the process. We went on vacation and I did not put any water in the tray before I left. When I returned my eggs were ruined! I have had numerous reptiles since then but nothing compares to those first experiences!
Cobravenom Cobravenom
26-30, M
Dec 14, 2011