I Love Snakes

what can i say.. the title says it all really..i love snakes..... As a kid I always remember my mom wanting 2 things a snake and a barn owl, at around 23/24 years old i nipped into the local reptile shop and walked out with a ribbon snake, wow if i knew then what i know now i have to wonder if i would still have gotten her, she was gorgeous and i named her Bow cause you tie a ribbon in a bow lol. and she started me off on a new hobby.  Mom fell out with me cos she wanted one lolol, when i got my 2nd Voodoo a wonderful grey rat snake she didnt talk to me for a week!!! not cos she was angry you understand but cos she was jealous bless her. Now 10 years later i have an amazing collection of 33 wonderful snakes. They all have names and the best in vet care if needed. I have my common boas ( Marble, Mercury, Oriana, Logan and Harmony) My Rainbows ( Saruman and Ember ) My cooks tree boa ( cookie ) My kenyan sand boa ( kensa ) my dumerils boa ( rogue ) My corns ( sinner, saint, storm, blaze, flame, novay, floss and cordelia ) My rat snakes  ( Deja-vou and comet ) my russian rat snakes ( lana, eva and dione ) my japanese rat snake ( boomer ) my royal pythons ( monty, hope and castiel ) my childrens python ( phoenix ) my coastal carpet python ( drusilla ) my bull snake ( Bullet ) and my king snakes ( zulu, diego and sienna ) They all have unique personalities and i make sure they get all the attention they could wish for even drusilla who hates me lol she has serious attitude and i think she is great. I would'nt change any of them and i would never part with them as they are all part of my family...... poor little phoenix came to me with burns down a third of her body due to incorrect heating, a trip to the vets and a month to heal and she is a healthy little snake again. See i dont just love a certain type or breed i love em all. I love the colours and shapes and sizes, i love the attitude and the way i've learnt to tell if one of them is pissed off. Im not sure now whether they are a hobby or a passion or an obsession. And whilst im all for people keeping these beautiful animals i always try to make sure any one asking knows the facts.

Oh and in case anyone reads this and wonders my mom now has 3 snakes of her own AND a barn owl lol she has a rat snake ( bandit ) and 2 african house snakes ( Tanis and Stardust ) so she still talks to me. in fact she came with me on my last mad adventure to collect Rogue

and i keep on saying the same thing each time a new snake joins the family...... NO MORE SNAKES lololol ( of course an exception would be made for a blood python, hog nose or false water cobra ) lolol
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31-35, F
Mar 22, 2012