Sick For Snakes

im a reptile keeper at my local zoo. im a huge snake fan. they are so unique  so cool. some of the easiest animals to work with. i have a florida king at home, but at the zoo, we have a burmese, a red tail, 2 milks, 1 corn, 2 ball pythons, i eastern ribbon, 1 bullsnake, 1 fox snake, and a california king. they really brighten my day.
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i need help for my tank,,can anybody give me hand?

thats funny because my zoo was a little farm zoo with not much in the way of good animals ten years ago. since then i have been an integral part in helping transform my zoo under new management and a mayor that loves the zoo. its been my lovechild.

Sounds like a cool job!I used to work in a zoo also.It was pretty run down,and the city I worked for never invested much money in it while I worked their.Years after I left,they seemed to have renewed interest in the zoo and it has improved a bunch.Cool zoo now!