I fell in love with snakes when I was very young.  In kindergarten when we went to the library I would look at books about snakes.  I started collecting them when I was 7 or 8.  Ribbon snakes, garter snakes, and little brown snakes mainly.  As I got older I became more interested in them and wanted to be a herpetologist.  I had a lot of different snakes over the years including king snakes, boas, hog-nosed snakes, and many others.  I even hatched king snake eggs.  I started getting less interested in them after age 16 and I haven't kept any for years.  I'm totally against catching snakes in the wild.  I still love snakes but they don't appreciate being kept as a pet.  They never love you that's for sure.  I'd rather they just be in their natural environment.
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Hey Siddler!<br />
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I think that's cool. I like snakes too. There's something wonderful about the skin shedding. It surprises me that so many people are afraid of them. I'd take 'em over humans any day. At least they poison quickly and make no pretense. <br />
I know what you mean about being in their environment. I think it's wrong, too, to capture an animal just so we humans can mess around with it. <br />
I like animals that most people find repulsive. I am in love with ferrets, I also like rats and mice (yea, I know the snake does too) and capybera. I had two ferrets for a while and they made me very happy. <br />
hee hee, I notice your mood. =) Have fun, pass it here.<br />
Have a good night!