Columbia Red Tail Boa

They are my favorite, they are so beautiful. I am gonna maybe buy one in the future,it seems though that all the guys I ever have serious relationships with are afraid of them....
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5 Responses Jul 20, 2007

I have one n dieing for another one n i think girls that have them are hot

You're having snakes wouldn't have scared me. I had a few myself over the years. The only one I miss is my 6 foot rattlesnake. I was the only one that could, or would handle him.

I think you should get a snake. If this is who you are dont change it for anyone. You'll find a man who loves you for you and your interesting pets. For a long time I wanted a snake but all of my boyfriends were either afraid of them or hated them so I didnt get one until now when my new boyfriend got me one for my birthday. Get a snake now and then you'll know that the guy who has seen your snake and still wants to be with you is a keeper

From its picture, I would definitely agree with alabastadragon. Get one :) Plus, If you get into a bad relationship, you can bring out the snake, and threaten the guy

You should get one. We have seven and they are all beautiful..