Now I Do

You know I was always afraid of snakes and someone kept telling me to get over your fear you have to face it.  I came home from work one day and told my husband you know what I want, I want a snake.  We went to our local reptile store and I talked to the guy for a very long time.  He gave me a few books to read and told me when I was ready to come back and let him know if I still wanted a pet snake.  Well I read up on them a little and decided I was ready.  My husband and I went back to the reptile story and I told him what my fears were and what I would like to have.  I did not want anything that would bite and be aggressive and the funny thing is I did not want something that would get big enough to eat my cats.  I was honestly afraid of that.  The guy told me he had the perfect snake for me and showed me two baby ball pythons.  I picked the one out that I wanted but he still would not let me have it unless I bought everything that I would need to take care of it.  The snake cost me about 50 dollars and all the equipment I needed including a cage for the mice was around 100.  When he pulled the snake out and handed him to me I was scared at first but took him.  We then went over to the counter so he could tell me everything I needed to know.  I asked him if the snake would bite and he put his finger in the snakes mouth and moved it around.  I told him if you can put your finger in its mouth that way and it does not bite you then that is the one that I want for sure.  I asked him if he could tell me if it was a male of female and he checked and showed me it was a male.  My husband and I took our new pet home and got everything set up.  The guy at the store told me it would probably be a while before the snake would eat anything for us because it had to get used to us too and would be a little stressed out from the move and the new home.  I dropped a mouse into his aquarium and he snatched it up right away.  That was the last time I fed him.  I could not do that anymore.  I made my husband do it while I was at work.  I just could not watch that again.  Poor little mouse.  I could not believe the things that snake would do.  Oh by the way we named him Sapper.  Sapper would sleep under his rock all day but when it was time for my husband to come home he would be out and moving around the glass like he was waiting for my husband.  My husband would go over and put his arm in and Sapper would curl up around his arm and stay there for the rest of the night.  One time when I was taking a bath my husband threw Sapper in the bathtub with me.  He says that is the first time he has ever seen a person jump from a sitting position.  When Sapper landed in the water it looked like he was trying to strike me.  lol  It took me a while to forgive my husband for that one.  We had Sapper for about six months and one day our Great Dane was around the aquarium and his tale hit the heating lamp on top of the aquarium and broke it.  We did not have the money for another one right then and a couple of days later Sapper was dead.  It broke my heart.  I would love to have another one one day but not right now.  He was such a joy to have and I learned so much from him.  I also never knew that snakes can get ticks too. lol  We found a tick on Sapper and had to get some tweezers to get it off.  Now I am still afraid of the wild snakes you come across outside but I am no longer afraid of pet snakes.  They do make really good pets you have to make sure you keep them warm.

rondat rondat
41-45, F
Feb 19, 2009