He Needed to Be Rescued, So I Did


If you went to some trailer trash place and had a lady sell you a young snake would you? sorry let me explain.

4-bleeding bite marks

sagging skin from when he was the right size but clearly hadn't been fed in over a month

skittish because no one handled him and constantly in a tight ball.

and only a yearling.

Luckily he didn't have a respiratory infection and as soon as we got him home we put him under a heat lamp and afterwards we took him out and he curled up around my neck and fell asleep with his head under my ear.

i paid $40 for him, would have paid even more just to take him home and give him the love he desperatly needed, his name is Shyboy.


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thank you ronald40

works of art

yeah, I've heard they are really hard to take care of. They're fun to look at though!

yea we had some they were a pain in my ***

I'm aware of that girl...I was a rabid herp fan in my youth. I've forgotten some of the info but still know the basics. Look at the green tree python and the emerald tree boa. Same damn snake, different continents (except the egg laying thing!) Those are the most beautiful snakes in the world by the way. I've heard they're pretty damn mean though.

boas gives birth to live<br />
<br />
pythons lay eggs

boa...python...whatever. Same kind of snake different continent :)

he is a ball python lol<br />
<br />
that's terrible and you were right to tell him no.

what a sweet name...that's really awesome to get that boa out of miserable conditions. When I hatched Desert kingsnakes I sold them for $30 a piece. I wasn't trying to profit but I wanted to make sure that a dealer wouldn't just come ****** them up. I explained to all the people that bought them that having a snake is quite a responsibility like any other pet. I told them that they need specific environmental conditions, they need to be handled but not too much since the oil in our hands can be bad for their skin. I really stressed to all of them that they need to transport them straight home and make sure the temperatures they are in are stable. I was very specific that they cannot stop at the store or anywhere on the way home since leaving the snake in the car in our hot Texas environment is a death sentence. One of these dumbasses took 2 snakes and said he had experience with them. I believed him. He had the gall to call me 2 hours later saying he left them in his car and could he please come back for another two. In retrospect maybe he was playing a sick joke but I told him hell no and hung up the phone. Some people....