Loved To Sniff My Mom's Panties....

When I was a boy, we had a cloths chute that would let you drop cloths from the bathroom to the basement.
I would wait till my mother would take a bath at night, then sneak downstairs and wait for her to drop her panties down the shoot.
I would always have an erection, as I waited with anticipation, for them to drop.
The door on the chute would open and I would hear them sliding down ....sometimes I would stand under the chute and try to have them land on my face.
She was a very beautiful woman and would wear very silky sexy undergarments.
It was a time when woman wore garter belts, girdles, slips, silky panties and perfume.
I loved to hold her panties up to my nose and smell her wonderful scent and would then ********** into the crotch of her panties.
I never had and desire to have sex with her....I just loved playing with her underwear and sniffing her scent.
Duke73 Duke73
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as far as i can remember back as a child i loved to smell my moms and sisters pantys omg that turned me on so much but my dads second wife topped them both!!! she obviously discharged alot and even peed in pantys alot her pantys were always very nasty and stained and omg very nasty smelling!!!! she was over weight and must have had a huge fat p###y because ive not seen a camel toe that came close since i think she cud have hid the tv remote up in it easy!! i had seen her naked and she kept it shaved bald unlike my mom and sister i always assumed it being bald and her pantys had to of been deep up in her all the time is why they were always wet and smelly! i wud smell and lick em and jack off every time!!!


So nice to read this. I too loved Mom's panties. OH they smelled and tasted so yummy. Once I was caught getting them mom made sure afterwards that I got them as soon as she took them off while they were still warm and moist. We did enjoy those times together but I guess that story will come later. Back then panties had a double nylon crotch and it was so good to suck on her juices. I wish panties still had the double nylon not cotton.