Sister In Law And Mother In Law

It's too erotic. Too, intimate and way too succulent. I find every shower, every laundry day and anyday they're not home or I'm house sitting, I always make my way personally too search my favoright pairs of panties, mesh ones or cotton ones. But as for the story goes, the used ones.

I tend to be great full my fiances sister doesn't care, she knows, because I've told her to leave some out for me before. After catching me mess up her drawers in search for thongs to Crossdress with, I've let her know how many times her smell has let me ***. It's ok, I wouldn't touch her, I love my fiancé but in truth, the fact I never get to mess around with her has kept my hormones at large every time those sweet used and wet cummy panties are pulled off her body. I can only imagine how they felt on her body all day, being sweat on, covering her, blanketing her ***** all day.
I'll slide her panties over my face, with thcrotch on my mouth and ill come at least 2 times into new panties I get ready to steal for myself, other times I have just left them there,...sure I get texts sarcastically thanking me for my pleasure those pieces of fabric gave me, but in truth the excitement continues,....because she knows,......sometimes, she'll leave me a pair purposefully.............who could hate hate that?

Her mother,........that's where the secrecy comes into play. No one knows that my moth has been on every pairs he has........I'm terrible
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wow nice story i am looking for guys to email me pics of thier wife or g/f dirty marked pantie gussets up close and clear i love to jack off looking at them

mmmmmmmmm, so hot!!!!!

you have any pics of your wifes