The Strongest Sense

We'd been hanging out, not exactly friends but not exactly with benefits. But watching vintage ******, discussing the pros and cons, some of the surprisingly hot parts had more to do with plot and situations than whose genitalia went where. We went on for hours, then got on to talking about our first times, second times, dirtiest times.

It was raining when she came over and she was soaked - she asked to borrow some sweatpants. All I had were scrubs and she said they'd be fine. I was hard for most of our conversation afterward, and I can only guess how wet she was. When she left, she changed back and tossed the scrubs in the hamper - I hoped she had gotten as hot as I did from our conversation so, seconds after she departed, I was pulling out the scrubs.

Scrubs are basically cotton - they launder easily and eventually wear out - but that also means they can hold on to scents for a good...long time. Her fresh ***** was overwhelming. Although not visibly moist, her delicate but intense scent extended from the crotch several inches down each leg.

Any panty connisseur will tell you - you need to exhale to inhale. I breathed out slowly, moisturizing her scent with my breath, then inhaled and was so hard, my nipples tingling, my tongue wanting to lick the fabric. I was out of my jeans and rubbing my ****, eyes closed, imagining her catching me the moment I came, covering half my laundry in my own scent.

Those scrubs lasted almost two weeks before I couldn't detect her anymore. Two amazing weeks of sneaking **** in every moment I had to spare.
templar8 templar8
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013