I Sniff My Friends Dirty Underwear

I met my friend on an adult auction site where you can buy dirty underwear, t-shirts, socks or anything else like that...

Anyway, He's a straight guy who has a fetish for womens panties, He would sell on the sight so he could buy womens underwear.

So, before I buy from anyone on the sight I request pics of them holding my name.. No face pic just something that I can match up to their auction pics so I know who I'm buying from is real!

So my friend, we hit it off big time to say the least I started emailing him and talking on the phone regularly. Over the course of 4 or so years we got to know eachother until finally I asked him to move to my state to work for me.

I LOVE HIS Manly scent so much he pays part of his rent with a steamy sweaty package of undies, socks, and a t-shirt he will wear for a few days in a row to get his scent in them really good! The second I open the zip locks my brain is flooded with his scent! I get an instant erection and climax in less than 3 min. It's the sweetest arrangement ever. Every month he'll ask me if I like the package! I've never been disappointed yet. part of me wonders if he gets off knowing i'm inhaling his musky ball, and **** sweat and burying my nose in his sweaty pits and feet! Each month when I get a new package I wash the old one and give it back to him.

Dominictg2003 Dominictg2003
1 Response May 12, 2012

Nice setup you've got there. I wonder if he gets off on it too. Does he ever leave *** in them for you?