My Dads Dirty Undies And Socks

So back when I was 14 I went in to my dads room and was looking for something to jack off with. I then found his dirty works socks on the ground, I picked them up and went back to my room with them. When I put them over my **** they felt soooo good!! I then took his dirty Hanes blue briefs and sniffed the croch area! They smelled so good from his sweaty balls, I then started to jack off with his socks and then I cummed all inside of his hot dirty work socks!!! I never returned them back to him haha
Hotmeat56 Hotmeat56
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 11, 2012

I did this as well. My dad drove a semi truck for a living. I would sneak into his suitcase when he got home and take his dirty white crew socks and white briefs. I now have an insatiable fetish for socks, white briefs and jockstraps. Sad part is that it's like chasing the dragon. No one else's smell as good.